A Supernatural Experience or Luck?

Is there a difference between being lucky and being blessed and how do you tell the difference?  When does a situation happen and you know it is supernatural?  We may never know for sure and most would believe in a coincidence, luck and not a blessing.  When something unusual happens I always treat it as a blessing or a learning experience.   Let me give you some background to tell my recent story:

I have had some heart problems a few years ago and the doctor told my family I had about a 10% chance of surviving.  Approximately 15 years ago I was diagnosed with prostate cancer.  I feel blessed to still be healthy and able to work every day since.  I regularly have medical checkups,  exercise and eat right.  For some reason, I believe God has blessed me by extending my life

From 1991 to 1999 I assisted in overseeing the building of a church.  Our attorney and I met with the city council to get zoning and permission to build.  What we were told was impossible to do, yet we were allowed to do.  As we began construction, building roads and preparing the land there were more problems that seemed supernaturally solved than you could ever imagine.  You would have to be blind and a non-believer to realize things were happening that appear to come from Divine intervention.    This may be why I am more aware when something out of the ordinary happens.

Now with the story!  Every since I have been a Christian, having spent many years in retailing, if someone does not give me the correct change I always make sure I am given what I should be and give back when they give me too much.  That is what the Bible teaches and I have no problem giving money I don’t deserve back.

My wife and I went to the bank’s ATM to deposit a check and withdraw some money.  When the cash came out, there were two wadded up twenty dollars that came out in addition to what I had requested.  In my hands was forty dollars more than I had asked for.  The ATM machine had made a mistake.  My first thought was, this must be my day.  The bank can afford it and I used to get more interest in the past than I am now getting and they really owe me.   A minute later, I felt convicted that it was not mine and I needed to go into the bank and give it to them.

I entered the lobby of the bank and at the information booth was a customer on the phone and next to her was a bank employee. I went to the employee and said I just received forty dollars too much out of the ATM. She thanked me and proceeded to hand the money to the customer on the phone and said, “Here is your forty dollars”. Apparently, the
customer was trying to prove to the bank that the ATM shorted her forty dollars… She was right.

As my wife and I got into the car, I asked her if God was testing me.  She said we may never know.  The next day a lady came to our office and said she would like to invest some money.  Our office manager said sure but who referred you?  Our name is outside our office and she thought that we were part of The Boyd Gaming Group, the casino company.  We asked if we could share with her what we do.  After about two hours, we invested a sizeable amount of money.  The benefits of the long-term client/relationship will more than outweigh the forty dollars.  So we ask you—was it a spiritual test?  If I had kept the forty dollars would the woman have come in by mistake?  Was it “A God Thing” or just a coincidence?

These past three years as I have written two blogs per week I have tried to make Christians aware that if they have the Holy Spirit in them, do not ignore the power that He provides.  Be aware and alert to everything that happens each day and you may be surprised at what God wants to show you and do through you.  Seeing unusual, perhaps supernatural situations, should give confidence, peace and a new attitude knowing you are not alone.  Don’t miss out on some of life’s greatest experiences knowing you are being guided by a Divine power within.

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