I was recently reminded that we went thousands of years believing no one could run a mile in under four minutes.  An athlete from England, Roger Bannister, on May 6, 1954 ran a mile in 3.59 minutes breaking the impossible barrier.  It wasn’t long until 16 runners ran in less than four minutes.  The record is now 3:43.13 minutes.  What made the differences?  Someone believed it could be done. Believing and having faith is very hard for most people.

What made Steve Jobs at Apple or Bill Gates at Microsoft successful?  I believe there may be millions smarter and just as capable.  Attitudes and confidences are not something we can teach.  They must be something we get from something or somebody.  One’s attitude is a personal thing.  It is how we see ourselves.   Do we believe in the impossible? Do we see ourselves as becoming successful? How often do we think outside-the-box?  Are Christians aware of an inner power that is willing and capable of helping them succeed?  You may think that you have the Holy Spirit but He has never helped you.  The Christian who depends upon the Holy Spirit is sensitive to His leading and is like the athlete who listens to an experienced coach.  The coach can’t guarantee an athlete’s induction into the Hall of Fame, nor can he guarantee a gold medal for the athlete, but he can train him and teach him everything he knows, giving him every advantage, allowing him to consistently do his best.  The Christian’s advantage, having the Holy Spirit, does not guarantee presidencies, chairmanships, wealth, achievement awards, fame or recognition, but He will lead the Christian into the direction that fulfills his God-given purpose and with it, success and prosperity.

We are all made differently.  Some were created with certain abilities, some handicapped and most of us average. God didn’t say let’s create another human today and watch them fail.  He had the knowledge and ability to put the universe together; and He knew everyone of us prior to our birth. Then can’t He give each one of us a plan for our lives with the abilities to be successful?   However, Satan is not pleased when Christians do things out of the ordinary.  Have you been told you will not amount to much?   Have you been convinced?

I found the American dream was available to those who realized that it won’t be given to them; it had to be earned. I received a degree in business management. I read many books on the power of positive thinking.  I studied management principles and went to numerous seminars to improve my skills.  The one book that has helped me the most is studying the Bible.  One thing I learned was preparation.  It was one key to success.  I also learned the importance of trusting in God’s promises.  I became aware that the Holy Spirit was given to us that we might have comfort, guidance and a purpose in life.  The Bible taught me to become free from the ways of society and our worldly, self-centered nature and become more Christ minded.

How many people are willing to prepare for success?  It seems there are many that want to dumb-down Americans, give them entitlements and convince them the government will meet their needs.  You may not need an education but you must become knowledgeable.  The same is true if you want to run a mile under four minutes.  It takes more than just thinking you can.  Suppose you would like to be a millionaire.  Is that something you pray for and expect God to give you?  Becoming a millionaire should not be one’s goal.  The goal is doing something that will make society a better place and there is a good chance your byproduct would be wealth.

Did Edison intend to make millions?  Do you suppose Gates and Jobs goal was to make billions?  Probably, they had an idea to change how people do things and do them differently.  Creating and achieving is possibly the most satisfying feeling that one could ever have.

As Christians we are expected to be different from those who live by the world’s rules.  We are told by Scripture to be conscientious and loyal and we are to be positive and encouraging servants.  We are to do our best by being dependable and considerate of others.

Most of us living in America would be considered in the top 8% of the world’s wealthiest people.  Prosperity is having a home, clothing, food and savings in comparison to the world.  Success is setting a goal and achieving it.  Our goals are to be debt free and have sufficient savings to last a life time when I retire. From the world’s view we are successful and prosperous.  I know of a number of people with average incomes just as successful.

I was raised, for a short time, on a small acreage where we raised our own meat and vegetables.  We had no electricity or running water, just a well.  Prosperity to me may be much different from those living in a mansion on a hill.   The Bible promises that if we live by God’s commandments we can become prosperous. That does not mean we will all be millionaires.

No matter what our job is or how much we make; the Apostle Paul says we are not to do our best only when we are being watched but remember God is watching every second through the Holy Spirit that is within us.  As God is watching and the Holy Spirit guiding, why not begin believing and practicing what it takes to be a success in whatever task you have chosen?  Work hard, set obtainable goals and adequately prepare.  Then see where the Holy Spirit leads you.  Never allow the Devil or others to discourage you as they are likely to do.  God promises that we can become successful and prosperous by complying with His teachings, which is available to all believers.

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