Recently I asked a friend who has been a Christian for years when was the last time the Holy Spirit made something happen in his life? He replied: “How would I know whether something just happens or the Holy Spirit made it happen?” My thought was that he is missing the joy of being a Christian.

All through Scripture God gave to the Israelites different signs so that they would have the faith to believe that He was their God. Do we think God has changed? The Holy Spirit is with believers every minute of the day. Do we recognize Him or do we just ignore Him? Are we expecting something unusual to happen that will build our faith? I am amazed at how many Christians miss the peace and joy that is available to believers by not believing or recognizing when the Holy Spirit is working in their lives.

So many times we have seen or experienced something unusual that made us wonder who or what influenced the outcome. Was it a supernatural experience? A result of the Holy Spirit? Some might view the same experience as a coincidence or sheer luck. Because we believe that God has influenced the outcome, we’ve chosen to give Him the credit rather than just saying, “Weren’t we lucky!”. This is why we call it a God thing. It is our desire to bring supernatural stories, Scripture and Bible studies that will help Christians to realize that God does work in the life of a believer.

IT’S A GOD THING is about using the Christian advantage in every area of life including the workplace. It is my desire to use this blog as a tool to share the wealth of information gained from a small group Bible study that I’ve been a part of since 1999.


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  1. davekessler

     /  July 11, 2009

    Enjoying the blog so far guys. Hope my commenting isnt viewed as a nuissance! 🙂

    Also hope you dont mind that I added your blog to my blogroll at

    The men in my small group can benefit from as much as possible… as we all can!


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