I Disagree with Pat Robertson saying Denver treated Tim Tebow “shabbily”.

Pat Robertson, TV evangelist and broadcaster, says Tim Tebow was treated “shabbily” by the Denver Broncos when they traded him to the New York Jets for Peyton Manning.  Robertson also said that if Manning suffered a recurrence of the neck injury that sidelined him for a full season, Denver would be without a quarterback and “it would serve them right.”  Robertson had high praise for Tebow, saying Denver was a “nothing team” until Tebow led them into the playoffs last season.

I respect Pat Robertson but I believe he had no business condemning the Denver Broncos for acquiring Peyton Manning and trading Tim Tebow.  Anytime a Christian says something, seemingly negative, the world jumps on it.  It results in a condemnation of Christianity.

My first reaction was: this was possibly “A God Thing”.  When I heard that Tebow was traded to the New York Jets, I thought God wanted another role model in New York along with Jeremy Lin.

I know very little about people from New York City but as a store manager they were the most difficult customers to deal with here in Las Vegas when they had a complaint.  It made no difference whether it was in automotive, appliances, electronics and repair service or elsewhere, it was almost impossible to satisfy them and make reasonable refunds or adjustments and still keep them happy.  So when I heard of the trade, my thought was God hadn’t given up on New Yorkers and wanted them to know how people should treat other people.  No better example would be Jeremy Lin and now Tim Tebow.

I am one of those far out, conservative, nutty Christians that believe God is still in control and continues to divinely intervene in the lives of people.  It may seem like He doesn’t care what happens anymore but I think He is still concerned about everyone of us.  One writer said that New York City would change Tim Tebow and another said that Tebow would change New York.  If he helps change New York as he did Bronco fans, it will give me sufficient evidence that it was God’s intervention in making the trade to the Jets.

I Corinthians 2:14 – “The person without the Spirit does not accept the things that come from the Spirit of God but considers them foolishness, and cannot understand them because they are discerned only through the Spirit.”  Few may change until people hear and accept the gospel and now more will hear, coming out of New York City.

How does the world really see us as Christians?  Do they see a Christian living a worldly life having little if any influence on others?  Or, are we living as the Bible instructs?  Are we allowing the Holy Spirit to guide our behavior and influence others at home or on the job?  Do we play, maybe an insignificant role as a Christian or are we sharing the gospel with others in hopes of changing their attitude and behavior by sharing how God wants us to treat each other?

I remember America as she was sixty years ago.  Integrity was the highest of priorities.  A hand shake sealed a deal.  Specifics could be written on a paper napkin.  If someone gave you his word you could count on it.  A person now needs a law degree to stay out of trouble and be extra careful in what they say or do, or you may be sued.  So let’s say a prayer for Tim and Jeremy that they help change New Yorkers and Americans and that New York City and the world does not change them.

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