Which Spirit Do You Listen To?

As I was in bed, this a.m., I had an instant dream thinking how easy it was to become a Christian compared to other religions.  I wake up and I am thinking, is the Holy Spirit sharing with me?  I read approximately 20 hours a week.  I read stories of Christians who say the Holy Spirit actually talks to them.  They say they are told to go to a specific person and tell them about Jesus.  Or your neighbor needs you to talk to them.  I have read where Muslims heard Jesus talk to them and they were instantly converted.  Some have had experiences similar to the Apostle Paul on the road to Damascus when he was struck by a light.  Then Jesus talked to him.

Jesus does not talk to me as He does others.  However, I find that if I listen intently there are times He will inspire me.  He puts numerous thoughts into my head.  How do I know it’s the Holy Spirit?  The Bible confirms that God gave us, as believers, a Holy Spirit to do just that.  Yet, the majority of Christians are not rewarded with the blessings available because they ignore the Spirit that is within them.  A believer knowing that the Holy Spirit is within is a confirmation that they have become a member of God’s family.

When I sensed the Holy Spirit was sharing with me, I listened.  All kinds of thoughts came to mind.  First, it was how easy it is to become a Christian.  Then I think it is just as easy for other religions because they are just born into theirs.  They didn’t even have to make a choice.  But it’s easier to live as a Christian.  Our beliefs are about a relationship with God and a loving relationship with others.  Others may have to pray five times a day and have a list of requirements that they have to meet daily.  We know that when we receive the Holy Spirit we have eternal life with God.  Many others never know what their eternal future might be. Their eternity is based on whether the good things they have accomplished actually outweigh the sins they have committed.  How would you know whether you have more sins than deeds?

We all have a worldly spirit, (one’s carnal nature) that continually tries to persuade and many times discourage us. I believe, to some degree, our worldly spirit tells us we are unworthy to be a Christian.  I doubt if any of us haven’t done something in our past that gives us guilt feelings.  Doesn’t that other spirit talk to us the same way the Holy Spirit talks to us?  Are there times we cannot tell the difference as to which spirit is giving us guidance?  Do you believe the Holy Spirit would make you feel guilty?

Are we conscious of the warning that we read in I Peter 5:8 – “Be alert and of sober mind. Your enemy the devil prowls around like a roaring lion looking for someone to devour.”  My NIV study Bible states:  Watch out for Satan when we are suffering or weak, when we are feeling alone, helpless or focused on our troubles that we forget to watch for danger.  We are then especially vulnerable to Satan’s attacks.  Keep your eyes focused on Jesus and resist the devil.

Peter tells us the Holy Spirit wants to help us and that another spirit, the devil, wants to destroy us.  How many of us are aware that thoughts come to us from two differing spirits?  How easily can we be deceived when we cannot distinguish between the Holy Spirit and our worldly spirit putting thoughts into our mind?

As a believer we are an heir of God.  Why do so many of us seem to have such poor self-images?  Why do so many of us act negatively.  Is it because we are listening to the wrong spirit?  We are told that we have been given the highest privilege in the universe.  God tells us we are His family and we have His mercy.  Is it that we are not aware of what the Bible says, we do not understand or just cannot trust God’s promises?

Have you ever made a choice and later discovered it was the wrong thing to do?  Yet, when you made the decision you believed it was the best selection you could have made.  We as Christians must realize that we have been called to a life that may cause unjust suffering.  We should not be surprised when it happens.  Everyone in the Bible went through some very trying times.  I believe God allows that to happen so we might build character, maturity and learn dependence on Him.  Many times what happens to us is not a result of our having made the wrong decision.  I believe our worldly spirit tells us that once we become a Christian only good things will happen to us.  The devil would want us to believe that when bad things happen it was because we were not living a holy life.  He then would try to convince us that God is too busy to help us in our time of need.

John 14:1 tells us (do not let your hearts be troubled.  Trust in God!)   Our purpose in life is to love.  When we have love the unbearable becomes bearable and in the darkness there is a glimmer of light.  Jesus is proof that God is willing to meet our needs.  If we believe in Jesus we can accept things that we may not be able to understand and the problems in life that we encounter, we can still remain calm and at peace.  The life we live to a great degree depends on what spirit we trust.  We must learn to distinguish where are thoughts are coming.  Without Bible study and prayer it is more difficult to know who is speaking and whom we are listening to.

John 3:8 – “The wind blows wherever it pleases. You hear its sound, but you cannot tell where it comes from or where it is going. So it is with everyone born of the Spirit.”  Christ says: You hear the wind.  You may not know where it comes from or where it goes.  You do not have to understand it to know it’s there.  You do not have to know how the Holy Spirit works but you will be able to recognize it in the lives of people.  We can be the most knowledgeable Christians when it comes to Scripture, but if we have not experienced the supernatural power of the Holy Spirit in our lives we will never fully understand what Scripture means.

We must realize that with the Spirit’s power in our lives we are able to overcome the voice that comes from our worldly spirit and live a victorious life for God.  As children of God we should no longer be controlled by the world’s ways.

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     /  April 21, 2011

    Certainly is not present. 😉


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