A Christian Revival in the Middle-East

My recent blogs have concerned the Radical Muslims and the Muslin Brotherhood.  I believed it was time to give another side to the story.

Joel 2:28 – 29 – “And afterward, (in the end times) I will pour out my Spirit on all people. Your sons and daughters will prophesy, your old men will dream dreams, your young men will see visions.  Even on my servants, both men and women, I will pour out my Spirit in those days.” NIV

Those who belong to my church have heard this story before.  In 1981 my family joined Central Christian Church in Las Vegas, NV.  Within three months it was like the Holy Spirit was telling me this church is going to start a spiritual revival in Las Vegas.  At that time we had attendance of about 450.  We now have weekend services with over 30,000 on special occasions.  I thought Christianity would spread throughout the U.S. as described in the above Scripture and we would see a tremendous wave turning to Christ, especially after September 11, 2001.  From what I read it is just the opposite, fewer and fewer are attending churches in America.  In fact a number of churches have closed their doors.  In many churches there seems to be nominal Christians—attending weekend services not on a regular bases.  So where is the spiritual revival that I had expected?

I have just read a book: “Inside the Revolution” by Joel Rosenberg, describing the spiritual revival taking place in Muslim countries today.  According to this book, there are Muslims converting to Christianity by the thousands.  There are millions of Christians in Iran, Sudan, Pakistan and Egypt.  More Muslims are coming to faith in Jesus Christ than at any time in history.  The author states that Muslim’s despair and despondency at what they see as the utter failure of Islamic governments and societies to improve their lives, give them peace, security, a sense of purpose and meaning in life are causing them to leave Islam in search of truth. They also indicate they are fed up with Muslims killing Muslims.  It is estimated that six million Muslims are converting annually.  Keep in mind, such numbers are not possible to verify.

These new Christians are not meeting in church buildings but in houses and underground.  The price in accepting Christ is possible death or at least imprisonment.  In Algeria the law is, if a Christian shares their faith with another it is a two to five year imprisonment.  President Ahmadinejad of Iran has vowed to stop Christianity and the in-house church movement.  I have an Iranian friend, who I have known for over 20 years.  He states that his family, who are living there, estimates that less than 20% of the Iranians support their present administration.  Those who do are those who are living off the government.  Does that sound familiar?

Radio and TV broadcasting into Muslim nations are reaching an estimated 50 million Muslims a day with the message of the gospel. Millions of satellite dishes are seen from small villages to big cities.  They seem to be throughout the Middle-East and North Africa.  They have web sites in multiple languages answering numerous questions about Christ.  In fact, so many respond that they cannot all be answered.  They estimate that hundreds of millions of Muslims go to bed every night without any hope, without any peace, without having their sins forgiven, without the assurance that they are going to heaven when they die.

What is unique about many Muslim conversions is how similar they were to the Apostle Paul’s conversion on the road to Damascus in Acts 9.  They become bold and fearless, not wavering and devout immediately.  Their experience is so personal that their lives are changed forever.  They realize that God did a supernatural work in their heart.   They often do not hesitate to become involved in spreading the message of the gospel.  Maybe the problem in America in becoming a Christian is too easy. Most conversions in the U.S. people are persuaded rather than seeing a personal vision, meeting Jesus in their dreams or seeing a supernatural event take place that’s personal to them.

You know what seems to be missing in America? It’s the supernatural power of the Holy Spirit at work to evangelize Americans.  Has God given up on us?  Thousands upon thousands of Muslims tell of dreaming about Christ or receiving a vision, or both.  Many will have a dream or a vision and within days will meet a Christian who will lead them to Christ.  Some become Christians within minutes after being told about the gospel, the desire is so great.  This creates a gigantic problem.  There just are not enough Christian leaders to meet the needs of new converts.  The risk of being a Christian leader is possible arrest, torture and execution.

Since the 1960s Americans have changed.  We used to be known as the melting pot of the world.  Immigrants could come here and assimilate into our society and become an American citizen.  Today, people come and want us to accept their culture, their beliefs and their language.  The reason many become a citizen is to get our benefits.  As a result, many of our Christian fundamentals and beliefs have been diminished.

Many Americans think the answer to the troubled Middle-East can only be solved via war. (Here’s a wild dream!) Just think what could be accomplished with a U.S. government supporting a world-wide evangelistic spiritual outreach with God 100% behind it, versus a military approach.  Sure there would be millions in opposition.  There would be more opposition from taxpayers supporting a Christian outreach to the world than there would be in opposing Planned Parenthood or another war. Which would be least costly and have the greatest results with God’s help? (Well that is what Iran is doing with Islam.) Even suggesting putting the cost in the federal budget and there would be seen more evil and protesting like America has never evidenced before.  That is the grip that Satan has on so many Americans.  That may be why it seems Jesus and the Holy Spirit is working among those less privileged for now.

Need I suggest that we pray for those converting to Christianity all over the world?  It sure seems God is still in control and has a plan with the world existing in its present crisis seeming situations.  God loves everyone and desires that none should perish and is now using dreams and visions as prophesied in the above Scripture.

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  1. willinda

     /  April 26, 2012

    Amen. I am an immigrant of Australia and what is supposedly free really isn’t. I am not free to be leading a real Christian life, and am always pressured to conform or compromise. Because being humiliated or rejected indirectly in academia and media really brands me a real fool. This article is really affirming and I will always be with God no matter what they say or do about it. I pray to the Lord that He will provide me the strength to reach out to the lost souls here without feeling the shame in ministering them. I also pray for other Christians who are also asleep or have already abandoned their faith for the world and its ways. Nothing really saddens God more than losing his own sheep.

  2. Moses Solomon

     /  August 11, 2012

    Oh, how i wish many will understand the time we are in now, just like the trib of Isasachar who understood their time. This is the time when the Kingdom of God will really face calamities but in the mist, it advances itself. This Kingdom of God, where He rules and live, is well described as a muster seed. Therefore whatever that happen to this sacred seed or even though the this Seed is pick up by the birds, some will fall in another soil, some, the birds will not be able to digest it and they are been ex


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