The Collapse Of America From Within

When I was transferred to Las Vegas as a store manager part of our operation was a service station and a fourteen bay shop.  Our sales in automotive parts and services, at today’s prices, would be more than two million dollars.  We also sold many gallons of gasoline.  In 1973 oil was about $5 a barrel and when I arrived in 1974 our gas was selling at .499 per gallon.  During the Carter administration and the Iranian Shah was being ousted oil was $13 a barrel and gas was selling for .90 cents.  In 1981 it went to $1.38 and in 1998 oil was $10 a barrel.  On July 12, 2008 oil had gone to $147.27 a barrel and gasoline in some cities exceeded $4.00 a gallon.  In 2008 America spent $690 billion dollars on OPEC oil.  We went from oil being $5 a barrel to as high as $147.  Today in Las Vegas, 3/2011, gas is $3.78 and a barrel of oil is $105.  Gas was $4.00 and oil was 147.  Today oil is $105 and gas is almost $4.00—go figure.

The reason I point this out is we have made anti-American nations wealthy that would like to see us destroyed.  Need I explain what they have done with this wealth?  They support Radical terrorism throughout the world.  The destruction of the World Trade Center buildings on September 11, 2001 was a result of mostly Saudi Arabia suicide pilots.

What do you think the average cost of a barrel of oil would cost today if we were energy independent?  In late 2008 with America taking much of the oil produced globally it was less than $30 a barrel.  America has an estimated 150 billion barrels of oil in reserve.  Investor’s Business Daily writes that we have enough oil to supply 60 million cars for 60 years.  This does not include shale or natural gas.

Why have we not had an energy plan since 1979 when President Carter made a commitment to become energy independent?  Because we have people who are against a capitalistic economy.  Listen to TV or read financial newspapers and you will discover that they are doing whatever they can to bankrupt America.  They are trying to do it through housing foreclosures as well as energy.  If you don’t believe it listen to what they are saying.  They are not hiding what it is they are trying to do.

I got interested in the Book of Revelation when Hal Lindsey’s book The Late Great Planet Earth in 1970 was published.   I have read and reread many, many times and have taught prophecy at churches four different times.  Revelations predicted much of what is happening today.  For years I had no idea how all Bible prophecy could possibly happen.  I didn’t believe any president would allow us to rely on foreign nations to be our major supplier in oil to keep our economy running smoothly.   Everyone knew what would happen if they stopped shipping oil to us or at least they should.  Yet, here we are today without an adequate supply of American oil and refusing to do anything about it.

I now patiently wait for Russia, Iran and others to attack Israel.  I know who wins.  Egypt will soon turn from peace with Israel to enemies.  Egypt will be destroyed and no one will enter it for 40 years.  Reading prophecy is more exciting than anything TV can produce.  It’s like watching the Super Bowl and knowing who will win before the game is started.  I believe if Las Vegas makes book on whose going to win some of the things that will take place shortly, it will be o.k. for Christians to make bets.  It is not gambling when you know who is going to win.  On second thought, I don’t want to be standing in line to make a bet when the rapture comes.

If our government is going to allow our country to become bankrupt and collapse, it just means the end-times are arriving sooner not later.  The greatest negative is it doesn’t have to happen and we could change it, but will we?  However, it doesn’t look like our politicians want change nor do they believe in Bible prophecy.  We all know God is in control.  Is it in His plan or is He just allowing it to happen because of who we are and our disobedience?  Be prepared!  Belong to the winning team.

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