You Have Just Been Selected And Can Win Millions Of Dollars!!

What if you were selected to participate in a reality show and could receive millions of dollars if you were the winner? What would you be willing to do? I have never watched a reality show but I have seen parts on TV that indicate some people would do almost anything for much less.

Let’s assume Bill Gates of Microsoft and Warren Buffett, the investor, Americas two richest men were to sponsor a reality show and you were selected. Here is what the winner will receive. At age 60 you will be able to retire to the most beautiful place on earth. You will be provided with a mansion and will receive one million dollars annually for the rest of your life. In addition, there will be servants provided to meet your every need 24/7. According to normal life expectancy you will live in retirement 25 years. You could have anyone you want live with you. In most cases you could provide for your entire family’s needs.

Most would jump at the chance. First, you would have to know the rules to determine whether you would want to participate. You must ask yourself; do you have a chance of winning? However, if the rules were reasonable you may want to at least try.

Here are the rules. You must love others as yourself. You must have patience with everyone with whom you come into contact. You must develop a personality that will generate kindness and goodness and be willing to serve others. You shall not lie, steal, murder, commit adultery and you shall not covet your neighbor’s possessions. You must honor your father and your mother.

There will be someone with you daily to monitor your progress, encourage you and check you anytime you decide to break a rule. Those are really tough rules. But look at the goal; isn’t it worth trying? Since you are 49 you only have to do it for the next eleven years. Imagine what it would be like to live 25 years and have every need met. At least you say you are going to give it your best shot.

The first few days you are really excited. You know you can do it. You can meet every requirement and there is someone who will help you meet the test. However, there are some things you must be willing to give up. You must stop getting angry when driving to work and those idiots cut you off. Oops! You mean those other drivers who were not paying attention. Maybe you had better stop meeting after work with your co-workers who drink a little bit more than they should. You should probably stop being jealous of your friend Ned who drives a BMW. Are you watching the person assigned to you continually taking notes? Are you hoping what is being written isn’t too negative? Maybe you haven’t fouled up too badly, yet. Are you wondering how the other contestants are doing?

You may find these rules are harder to keep than you thought. Is the prize really worth the effort by having to give up many of the things you used to do? This monitor guy keeps trying to help you or maybe “nag” is a better description. But you only have to live this way for another eleven years. Do you believe it is possible? You must ask again: Is the prize really worth it? Can’t you do most anything for eleven years you tell yourself? Just think how fantastic life will be when you reach 60. It is almost too good to be true that you were even selected.

If you haven’t gotten the gist of the story by now you may not have read your Bible. Why would so many be willing to work so hard for an earthly prize that will last for only 25 years and yet refuse to live for a heavenly prize that will last forever? One is tangible and you can see it and legally believe it can happen. The other takes faith because it is not tangible and you may not be sure what that prize will be. The heavenly prize is just a promise and can you really trust it to be true? However, the prize for the one you cannot see is told to be a far greater prize than the earthly one. With the earthly prize you have to compete. With the heavenly prize there is no one competing against you. It is available to everyone. Let us compare the two prizes. Which one would you rather have? If you select the heavenly prize, are you as willing to abide by the same rules as you were for the earthly prize? Who do you trust the most to deliver on their promise: God or Bill and Warren?

Since you are a believer the Spirit who has been assigned to you still keeps trying to help you. Probably you should accept His assistance. With His help you may want to meet the heavenly requirements because you realize how fantastic the prize is going to be. Isn’t the prize worth the effort? You believe it is, so you must be willing to repent and meet the rules.

Does this mean we are required to work our way to heaven? Romans 14:12 – “Each of us will give an account of himself to God.” We are held accountable every minute to God as to how we live. He also tells us that if we allow sin into our lives expect turmoil to result. Is God asking us to work our way to heaven? No! He is telling us how to keep turmoil out of our lives.

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