Do You Count Your Blessings?

Blessings are kind of like salvation. It isn’t something you earn it’s a gift. Even though it’s a gift its application may require some effort. You may ask how do I get this gift or to whom does God give His blessings?

First, let’s define a blessing. It is God conferring beneficial attributes as well as health, happiness, joy or prosperity, etc. It is God’s intervention into one’s life creating a beneficial circumstance. Blessings can build faith and confidence. Realizing that God is blessing us, if just spiritually, ‘can’ give us the ability to deal wisely with everything life throws at us.

Many Christians who are truly blessed and realize it, see the world from a completely different vantage point. They are continually in communication with God and expect to be blessed. Again, not because they believe they have earned it; they realize through Christ, that God’s love and grace have blessings available for each believer.

If you have been a loving and gracious parent you have a desire to meet your children’s every need. Wise parents realize that meeting every need is not always best for the child. Some would turn rebellious and disrespectful. Others become extremely appreciative and turn into spiritual humanitarians. Which child are you going to give the most? Therefore, blessings are more likely a result of our commitment to Jesus Christ and our willingness to allow the Holy Spirit to guide every aspect of our lives.

Don’t you believe God wants to bless every believer and help them become prosperous? Do you believe every Christian could handle prosperity wisely? How many people would become Christians if they believed it would make them prosperous? I believe God knows who can handle material blessings and who cannot. It is also my opinion that for various reasons many Christians do not believe in personal blessing as we have described it. Do you believe God abundantly blesses them?

It is no mystery that believers realize they are blessed to have received salvation and the Holy Spirit and the difference it has made in their lives. But do we want God’s blessings to stop there? Then we must become interested in learning how to obtain blessings.

Many Christians are unwilling to submit their self-centered nature that we were all born with to the control of the Holy Spirit. Doesn’t Scripture repeatedly tell us to surrender our sinful nature to Christ? Yet, all of our lives we have lived in the world and mostly lived as the world lives. Many think blessings or receiving favorable treatment is something we create on our own. But Scripture states differently.

What must we do if we want to receive more blessings from God? We must make the Holy Spirit our partner. He helps us to make wise, moral and ethical decisions. He guides, supports and directs as we learn to live as Christ lived. Do we consult Him as we would a flesh-and-blood partner? Or, do we relegate Him to a silent partner status? How important is He in our lives? Do we realize that when God wants to bless us He does so through the Holy Spirit within each of us? If we don’t think of the Holy Spirit being with us every second and conferring with Him continually how often may we expect a blessing?

So if we want God to bless us we must stay in constant communication with the Spirit that travels with us everywhere we go. It is as simple as that. Oh! What a tremendous advantage we have as Christians and many of us never take advantage of what God offers and would be pleased to give. But if God met every one of our wants and needs what kind of a child would we turn into: rebellious and rejecting or a spiritual humanitarian?

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  1. Jacqueline Mertel

     /  September 10, 2009

    Thank you for the Blessing of this message!! 🙂


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