Living In The Lord’s Laboratory

Our God is omnipotent, omnipresent and omniscience. He has unlimited power; He is everywhere; He has infinite knowledge. He knew that Lucifer and one-third of the angels would rebel and would have to be expelled from heaven.

Why would Lucifer and his angels, living in paradise, reject God? Probably for the same reason that so many on earth have done. I do not believe God created angels to be robots to automatically worship Him. That wouldn’t be family. They were created with free moral agency. But as so many their hearts became hard and they had sinful desires. They wanted their independence and to separate themselves from God.

Have you ever wondered why God created the universe, the angels and put Adam and Eve on earth? Scripture does not answer many of these questions but I have always wondered and have let my imagination run wild.

We have learned through Christ the characteristics of God. We know that God loves having a family and wants each of us to love Him with all of our heart, mind and soul. Like most parents we want our children to love us, respect us and be obedient to family rules. If our children show that they love and respect us and are obedient to our principles we will bless them and meet at least their basic needs. However, if they reject us as parents, become disrespectful and totally independent and separate themselves from the family our tendency would be to leave them alone. As we study the Old Testament we learn that God would bless the nation of Israel and when they rejected and ignored Him, He would leave them alone. There were times when He would discipline them and it was for their own good.

This is what I imagine God doing. He decided to build a huge laboratory called earth. He then would put a man and a woman in the laboratory and allow them to chose whether they wanted to become a part of His family and live with Him forever or if they would choose to make the same choice that Lucifer and his angels made. I believe God wants a family with Him forever that is willing to love and worship Him and be obedient to His will by choice.

Every one of us has been created to live in God’s laboratory for a period of time before our death. During that time we are given all of the pros and cons of how we are to live. Lucifer, the devil, and his angels show us all of the pleasures of this world and try to get us to accept their way of living. Christ came to show us the reward for living as believers, worshipping and being obedient to God’s will. We are not robots and have the free will to choose to follow the ways of the world or live holy lives striving to live as Christ taught.

God’s love is so great that His desire is that everyone will choose to live with Him forever. But He doesn’t want anyone unwilling to become family. We have a choice: are we willing to live worshipping, loving, respecting and being obedient children or do we find the devil’s world more attractive? What are you willing to do for five million dollars? What are you willing to do for unlimited resources in eternity?

Every one of us will be tempted and tested while living in God’s laboratory. We have a life-time to prepare. Which choice will we make? What is more important: instant gratification while we are in God’s laboratory or our future in eternity? How we live and the commitments we make determines our future. Which direction will we go as we leave the laboratory? Will we pass or fail the test? The only way to pass the test is to go through the maze by following Jesus. What’s a mere 70 plus years or whatever when compared with eternity?

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