Nanotechnology and Creation – 1000 year life

The more we discover the less likely the universe could have just evolved. We are in the process of developing a revolutionary new technology called nanotechnology. It is manipulating properties and structures as small as a human hair. Many areas are being researched such as equipment and medicine.

To describe the future benefits in medicine would seem to be something that would come out of a science-fiction novel. The opportunities in medicine today are so significant that it is hardly believable. Scientists believe they are likely to be able to detect, diagnose and treat various forms of cancer using nanotechnology. This new technology could potentially save a huge number of lives.

To give you an example of how nanotechnology is changing medicine we see it’s affects on drugs. New drugs can be made to cause fewer side effects and be made more effective in treatment than present prescribed drugs. These drugs can better improve the treatment of infection, accident or disease.

Nanotechnology is just another break-through in the changing world in which we live. How could a universe, animals, birds, fish and humans evolve with all of the scientific proof of a creator that is being discovered almost daily? Those who believe in evolution believe that science proves their belief. Whereas, those who believe in creation base their beliefs totally on religion. It is becoming more apparent that the opposite is true. The uncovering of the intricacies of everything that exists, through science, is easier for many to accept creation than evolution.

The first five books of the Bible provide evidence of the need for public health and sanitary practices. The Israelites were told about quarantining those who were sick. They were taught personal hygiene by washing their hands and keeping clean. They were told of certain precautions to keep from becoming infected. They were told what to eat and what not to eat. They were taught not to engage in any sexual relationships outside of marriage. Sexually transmitted disease would not occur if sexual activity were confined to marriage. If you are interested read Leviticus chapter fifteen.

The Bible is full of signs that there is a creator. Now God gives us signs through science and supernatural events. But we are told that evil will veil the eyes of many and they will be blinded as to who God is and to His ways and will.

I heard recently that much of the information that we are now receiving is coming from aliens; those flying around in UFOs. Nonsense! God is making us aware that we can have bodies that are imperishable that can live for a 1000 years on earth when Jesus comes back to reign. Seventy years ago the average age at death for an American was 61. Today it is 78. It won’t be long before it is 100 according to life insurance company’s predictions because of the improvement of health and medicine.

I hope you take from this that God is in the process of giving a sign that what we read in Revelations can happen. It tells us that earth will no longer be cursed and we will be able to live as He had intended Adam and Eve to have lived in a paradise without dying. After Christ’s reign on earth we will then be transported to a new heaven and a new earth. That is where we will spend eternity! The old earth will be destroyed by fire. (II Peter 3:7)

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