This could be the most important presidential election in America’s history. The U.S. Supreme Court and our judicial system have done more to destroy America’s future than any president or any congress. Their interpretation of the 1st amendment to our constitution could cause us to become another Venezuela, Brazil, Argentina and other countries that have become socialistic and in a financial recession or depression.

The First Amendment (Amendment I) to the United States Constitution prohibits the making of any law respecting an establishment of religion, impeding the free exercise of religion, abridging the freedom of speech, infringing on the freedom of the press, interfering with the right to peaceably assemble, or prohibiting …

The “INTENT” of this Amendment was that we would not select a pacific denomination that everyone had to accept as a government religion such as was the case in England, the Church of England. The Supreme Court has used this Amendment to decide the separation of church and state, any woman could get an abortion at any time, who could get married, you could no longer pray or teach the Bible in public schools or public places, the Ten Commandments had to be removed from all public places and police are denying the constitutional right to allow, in certain cases, protesters to refrain from rights to almost riot to protect their freedom to assemble.

Many believe that God used Christians and Jews to settle and develop America to keep peace in the world as we have done in World I and II and other interventions. As long as we feared God and were dependent on Him, our country became the most prosperous and peaceful nation.

When I was a child, the Bible was taught at times in my public grade school, we all knew the Ten Commandments and most of us were raised on small farms were dependent on God to give us rain for our food and dry weather when needed. We were told stories about how God had protected America.

October 1746, 90 French ships were gathered off the coast of Massachusetts with 13,000 army men on board with plans to destroy cities from Massachusetts to Georgia. New Englanders began to prepare for a potential invasion by the French. The Governor mandated that every one hold a day of prayer and fasting and go to their churches to pray that God would protect them. It was a very sunny day. As they began praying for God’s protection, the skies began to cloud up and rain started to pour down. It stormed so badly that many of the ships were sunk, over 12,000 French army men lost their lives and the admiral decided to return to France. The bells in the church tower began to ring but no one was there to ring them. But the praying Christians knew that it was God’s way of telling them He had answered their prayer. What would happen if a public school teacher were to tell this story today? There would be a law suit. Guess who would win thanks to our present judicial system using the separation of church and state?

I remember World War II because I had nine cousins who were in the service. Everyone faced battles and their lives were on the line. A pilot who had to land on a beach, a cousin who was on two ships that were sunk by submarines, a scout for General Patton’s march through Africa and one who was told to stay on shore while his crew returned to their ship. Their small craft was blown up and all were killed. When we went to a family reunion, after the war, and heard all of the supernatural stories they told, there was no doubt, there was a God and He had protected each one of them.

Can you see how important this coming election could mean to Americans? The Supreme Court’s rulings seem to have been anti-God. What if we get a number of Supreme Court Justices that were to continue with these anti-God decisions? Would our educators continue to teach what is negative about America and refuse to give God the credit for who we are as a nation? Would all of our history books again get updated to this horrible nation that we live in? This election is crucial. Are we going to let Satin deceive us into believing his philosophy? Have we allowed our judicial system to be placed on the tract to exploding our previous way of life? Other than a spiritual revival of Americans, I see no way to change the direction we are headed. Do you have another answer?

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