Why Is The United States The Most Blessed Nation Ever?

A number believe the descendants of Ephraim and Manasseh, two tribes from Israel, settled in Great Britain.  Some, coming from Great Britain, were among the forefathers and founders of America.  When Israel refused to spread God’s Word to others, Christ gave that mission to Christians and the church.  Thus, the blessings and promises given to the 13 tribes of Israel were also promises to Christians and America.  When Scripture said:  Genesis 12:3 – “I will bless those who bless you, and whoever curses you I will curse; and all peoples on earth will be blessed through you.”  History bears this out!

The Prophet Daniel tells of two world powers.  He describes them as a lion with eagle wings.  The lion was Great Britain that at one time was a world power ruling over nations in Africa and Asia.  The eagle wings, separated from the lion, stands for the United States and its break from Great Britain.  In both nations, God at one time was pre-eminent in each nation. When God was first, their quality of life was at its highest.   As the worshipping of God waned in Great Britain many Christians came to the U.S. for religious freedom and a better quality of life.

The greatest changes in America came from times of spiritual revivals.  The results were blessings from God, as promised, and the quality of life improved drastically.  We came from an era of horse and buggies, kerosene lanterns and outside lavatories to a new quality of life.  Our form of government, based on Christian principles, inspired individuals to become creative and innovative.  No other nation has been so blessed with the development of so many improvements to life.  It was the development of electricity, transportation, technology, the telephone, television, the Internet, health improvements, etc. that made America different from any other nation.

God and our form of government gave man a purpose.  We were provided unlimited opportunities.  They saw a positive future that came from preparation and hard work.  They learned the importance of getting a good education that equipped them with the ability to be productive and improve society.  They learned that the more they produced the more would be their reward.

The Capitalistic, free market system gave them the freedom to be able to achieve whatever they could dream.  With each achievement they felt blessed and loved.  Many who believed in God lived knowing there was life after death and each would be rewarded for their deeds while on earth.  They knew the importance of putting God first and of loving others as well as loving themselves.  They were assured of the future with God through eternity and lived by His ways of being moral and honest in dealing with others.

Our founding fathers were aware that God’s ways were the best for America.  They practiced the Ten Commandments and set up a judicial system based on “Thou shall not lie.”  Most nations’ rulers and their judicial systems were corruptive and functioned by bribes and by who you knew.   We became the most prosperous nation ever.  Our stock markets with rules and regulations have been financial havens for foreign investments.  Many foreign banks and investments cannot be trusted.

Our forefathers had learned that pagan nations promoted immorality and evil.  Those living in those countries lacked freedom and had little incentive to be productive.  There was intense cruelty and murders.  Instead of confidence, they lived in fear of losing their life and property.  Often there were little to no family values.  There was little peace in their lives.  Those who ruled had control and the people were treated as being unimportant.

If you had a choice, which type of a nation would you prefer to live in?  Is it any wonder that people from pagan nations have even broken laws to come to America?

Is America drifting from a nation, under God, living by His principles to becoming a pagan nation?  Is this what a number of atheists want?  Are some leaders willing to take us toward that direction?  Why is there such a division in the U.S. today?  Why are there so many unwed mothers?  Why is our population becoming so self-centered?  Why is envy so great between those who are the have not’s verses those who have made it?  Is it possible that we are no longer a Christian nation but a nation of mostly non-believers and others who no longer trust in our God?  Are we getting to a world similar to Noah’s time and the building of the Ark when God’s wrath made Him regret His creation of man?  How much longer will it be before we become just as corruptible and evil as they were?  Is history repeating itself?

There is still hope in a better nation. We need not be discouraged and desperate if: We are willing to do what is required that we, as a nation, develop repentant hearts and begin worshipping God.  That is the only way we shall get back to receiving God’s blessings.  If we don’t, study history and you will see our eventual end.  Otherwise we may be headed toward the same results that happened to Sodom and Gomorrah or the demise of other nations.

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