In every generation it seems that God does something so supernatural and spectacular that believers know, without a doubt, that God was involved. I believe we are living in a generation that God will intervene in such a degree that there will be no doubt God is Who He says He is. God was continually in the Old Testament doing things that protected the Israelites. He used all kinds of signs to guide their exodus from Egypt. He fed them with Manna and quail. He provided water out of a rock plus many more. Yet, they continually rebelled and denied God. When they failed to trust and be obedient to His commandments and His ways, they were punished. When they trusted and obeyed He prospered them.

In 1746 France had 70 ships and 13,000 troops off the coast of Boston with orders to destroy cities from Massachusetts to Georgia. The colonies were not militarily prepared to protect the east coast. The governor of Massachusetts called for a day of prayer and fasting. It was Sunday and the Reverend Thomas Prince from the pulpit had his congregation pray.

It was a warm and calm August day. Clouds began to blot out the sun and winds started to blow. Church bells in a number of churches began to ring and no one was in the bell towers. It begins to rain and a hurricane sank and scattered the entire French fleet. Those ships that remained, limped back to France. France never again tried to invade the American colonies.

In the 1967 war when four Arab nations attacked Israel with an army of 456,000 men. They were more capable from a military equipment standpoint as Russian had prepared them militarily. They had four times the number of airplanes. In six days Israel beat back their army and captured three times as much land and Jerusalem, which they had not controlled for over 2000 years.

Egypt made a number of mistakes. Israel bombed and dismantled the Egyptian Air Force. This appeared to be an important factor in why Israel won. Egyptians mistakes believed it was a result of God’s intervention. But there were a number of miraculous things that occurred not leaving any doubt that God saved Israel.

When America was attacked at Pearl Harbor by the Japanese and our entrance into World War II you saw a nation go to its knees and pray to God for protection. Believers could see the Hand of God intervene and supernatural events occurred that left no doubt that God would protect us. According to Admiral Nimitz the Japanese made three mistakes. It was a Sunday and 90% of the sailors were off the ships on shore. They did not destroy the dry docks and they were able to repair the ships damaged quickly; otherwise, they would have had to been towed to the West Coast. They did not destroy the fuel storage tanks just over the hill. The Navy recovered in a short time and the ships were able to help win the war.

Today, America has different leadership. We have politicians that claim to be Christians only to see them follow the ways of Satan and not our Lord. How many times have you heard any political Christian leader call for a day of prayer and fasting over what we should do concerning Iran? I believe we are entering the end times as described throughout the Bible. I think we will see things that only God is capable of doing. The second chapter of Isaiah says that God will shake the earth. We will see mountains fall and islands disappear. If you are a knowledgeable believer you will know that it is God. If not, false teachers will say it is the result of man’s causing of global climate change.

There will be a time coming that God will intervene in such a way that there should be no doubt it was a God Thing. Yet, the Bible says there will be many that will continue to deny God.

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