WHAT ARE YOUR DECISIONS BASED ON—Your heart & feelings or the Bible?

As a Christian, it is hard to believe how quickly our country has discounted Biblical principles in determining laws and rules by one’s personal beliefs and feelings.

I attended school when the Bible was often read and the Ten Commandments hung on the wall. In 1962, the Supreme Court banned prayers in schools. It was just a matter of time until people’s feelings replaced Judeo-Christian values and the Bible. If one’s heart or feelings are that it is okay to do something, then it is their right to do it whether it is morally right according to God’s Scripture or not.

Non-believers in God or agnostics convinced politicians that America did not need God or moral truth as found in the Bible. Gradually our leaders bought into this belief and America slowly began to change and now change is almost daily. Many of our founding fathers were Christians who accepted the Jewish Scriptures. They believed that the constitution would be what established the determination of what laws Americans should follow. We now have courts that believe laws do not matter as much as what is politically correct and what does their political party think and believe. What happened to the belief that our constitution states that the government has only certain powers granted to it? All other powers were given to the states and individuals. Who is in charge, are we in a free-for-all type of political leadership? Every law that is passed to protect gay rights seems to take one more freedom away from our religious freedom. Can’t both rights be protected equally or is this being done to deny Christians their rights by an anti-religious judicial system? Or am I one of a few that believe there is an attack on religious freedom in America?

If a Christian does not agree with judicial decisions pushed by the progressive left we are called all sorts of names. It seems they want to do away with the Bible and Christianity. If we say we do not agree with some of the decisions our courts and politicians push, it is because we are not compassionate. If a Christian minister refuses to marry a gay couple they could be fined. Where is our religious freedom that the constitution guarantees?

Where does the Christian get their belief; it comes from the Bible. Where do others get their beliefs; from the heart or their feelings. Who do you think is right? When the Rapture comes and takes all Christians and the Holy Spirit out of this world, tell me what it will be like living with those who allow the heart & feelings make their decisions. It may give you an understanding as to what Hell will be like without moral truth.

A Christian believes that they should raise children to respect authority and responsibility requires the teaching of a father and a mother in a moral household. Others believe that all children need, is just love. Until Americans repent and change their thinking, we can expect all sorts of non-peaceful demonstrations. We are raising children in homes that reject authority, are immoral and have little positive guidance. What can we expect in years ahead?

We find the government believes they can replace God. With all of the entitlements there is very little incentive to work. If a couple lives together without marriage and the women does not work, she can apply for all kinds of financial help. The boyfriend works and has very little expense as the woman pays most of the bills from government handouts. Why should young couples get married that have little moral values? This is what we see being pushed by those compassionate liberals who deny God.

Do we as Christians sit back and remain unorganized and let a well organized people who are anti-God and anti-religious change all the laws and disregard our constitution? We need the Moral Majority to come back to life. Is there a leader available to lead us? We need to counterbalance the movement that is trying to take away the tax exemptions of churches and religious institutions. These groups will not be content until they element all religious freedoms. Their intent is to change our countries value system. They will not accept that God is the final authority and His values and truths are what the first amendment guarantees to Christians and other religions. It appears their final goal is to eliminate the first amendment.

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