Finding God’s Purpose and His Ways for Living

When asked, how would I know God’s purpose for my life and how do I live according to His Will and His Ways? You will never answer that question satisfactorily to a non-believer but I believe a Christian will understand.

Recently, I was talking to my 19 year old grandson and the question was: what purpose did God create me to do? He is taking basic college courses hoping that he will find how to prepare for that specific purpose he was born to do and when and how will he learn what that purpose is?

I don’t know that I had the answer but I believe God created each one of us to help complete the work that Christ started and we are to help finish. Our purpose is to accept Christ as our Savior and become Christ-like so that we can live as God intended. Once I received the Holy Spirit I had the power, within, to live loving God with our all and loving others as ourselves. If I have accepted our purpose and living obediently and according to His Ways, I will be able to make an impact for Christ with those who are my friends and neighbors. Our created purpose is to become ministers for Christ and share the Gospel. If each of us were to do this, it would change the world in which we live. God created the Israelites to change the way the world was living by sharing God and they failed to do so.

Romans 8:29 – “For those God foreknew he also predestined to be conformed to the image of his Son, that he might be the firstborn among many brothers and sisters.”

God’s purpose for Christians was not an afterthought; it was determined before we were born that we would conform to the image of His Son or become Christ-like and become ministers for Him. This does not necessarily mean God has a specific career for us. It does not mean that God has a mate picked out just for us. What it does mean is that God will use our temperaments and talents to help us chose a career that we will enjoy. He will help us select a mate that is compatible and has Christian disciplines and faith. If a Christian selects a non-believer as their mate, God will not be in the selection process.

If we know our purpose on earth is to develop an unconditional love for God and others and have a servant’s heart and then share this with others, we can fulfill that purpose. As we head down life’s path our carnal nature, our self-centeredness, the storms we encounter and the devil’s seducing spirits will try to guide us too often onto the wrong path. That’s when we check our compass, the Holy Spirit, and make sure we stay directed to the path that leads to the ultimate goal, which is living with God and Christ forever. When we take that last breath, what is the most important thing we can take with us? Is it all of our material things that we have accumulated? Or, is it eternal security? Since there are so many death-bed conversions we must believe it is eternal security with Christ.

I also believe that God calls certain people to take specific ministry positions. God also opens and closes doors and I believed He did for me. However, we have a free moral agency to make individual choices. God can use us in whatever decision we make, if we are truly a committed Christian. He is more concerned about our attitude, our heart spiritually and our service to others.
Matthew 6:20 – “But store up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where moth and rust do not destroy, and where thieves do not break in and steal.” Do you want to pass on with nothing stored up in heaven? Pray that God will help you live for the purpose you were created.

We must realize that if we meet God’s purpose and live according to His Ways, we can expect Satan to attack. Maybe not an attack as severe as what happened to the Apostle Paul but we will encounter problems. Satan will not find it necessary to attack us if we are not making a spiritual difference or any impact on others. The real question may be: how do we prepare for attacks with Satan’s purpose of discouraging us so we will stop making a difference and give up? How does Satan get us to cease our witness?

God knew that man could not live according to His Ways and fulfill our purpose without His Spirit giving us the power to meet and overcome what Satan is likely to cause. I believe the more we minister to others the greater the Holy Spirit’s power will become. If you are not doing anything for God you don’t need extra power. I never realized this until I started writing blogs five years ago. My understanding and insight is much greater now than it was years ago and I sense more direction from the Holy Spirit. I realize that what I write is not based on personal talents but what God permits and the Holy Spirit inspires.

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