Let me define the meaning of a God thing. A non-believer would call it luck or a coincidence. When you can’t explain something very unusual happening, a believer might call it supernatural or divine intervention. A Christian believes it is a sign from God letting us know He is with us every second. Each time a God thing occurs it builds our faith that God really does love us and cares about our lives.

If something very unusual happened and I couldn’t find a reasonable explanation, we called it a God thing. From then on, anytime I felt or sensed possible divine intervention, I would tell my family or if it happened to them, they would say: a God thing happened today.

My granddaughter was driving home from church Saturday evening to celebrate her brother’s birthday and she was rear-ended by another car. She called her sister, who is close by and asks her to phone 911. She follows the young man and video records him driving away very erratic. She has the documentation that she needed when the police dispatcher called her to find out where she was so she could send a police car. She finally lost sight of the SUV that hit her. The dispatcher called to find out where she was and what was happening. She was told to go back to the place where it happened as she was miles away. She called her sister to tell her where she was. At that point her phone battery went dead.

Her sister, on her way to meet her, happened to spot the SUV passing her and she followed. When he stopped she confronted him and asked why he had hit her sister and drove off. It was apparent he was DUI. She had her cell phone on and he confessed to hitting her but knew he should not stay at the scene with the condition that he was in. He drove off and she called 911 and told them where she was and what happened. A few minutes later a policeman drove up and arrested the individual. It was at that time her phone battery also went dead, with all of the information needed, just as the police stopped him.

When both phones went dead and they were no longer needed and the individual was apprehended, it was like God saying: “I was there to help you!” I made sure your phones worked and knew that there was police close by. God made sure that her sister was able to see him and get the information needed on her phone and protected her from any harm. This is how you will know I am with you at all times.

Last week, a similar accident occurred to a husband and his wife. When the man stopped, the woman got out and confronted the driver. He gets out of his car and shoots her husband, who dies and then drives off. We haven’t heard whether he was apprehended. This is why I am very careful about confronting anyone anymore. I don’t even honk my horn!

Please comment: Was she lucky, was it a coincidence or was it a “GOD THING”?

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