Whatever happened to the nation I grew up in? We were A Christian nation and our Sundays were spent in church and we didn’t work or shop on the Sabbath. After World War II we became a superpower militarily, economically, technically and assisted building a war devastated Europe back to health and helping Japan, who tried to destroy us, to get back to being a country. We were loaning money to other nations, helping them to have a better standard of living, improved the world’s health system and assisted the world economically. We put a man on the moon, we built interstate highways connecting all states and our military was powerful enough to stop Russia from putting missiles in Cuba. What happened to that nation that was capable of doing anything it wanted?

The United States today has the greatest potential of any nation and they can affect the whole world for the better if they wanted, once again. Thanks to horizontal drilling and new technologies that exist for obtaining natural gas and oil. We have discovered that America has an almost unlimited amount of these fuels. A few states, North Dakota, Oklahoma, Texas, West Virginia and Pennsylvania have helped increase oil produced by 65% over the past five years. As a result, with all of the chaos in the Middle East when gas prices go sky high, they have been even lower. Now that we are the number one producing nation in the world, OPEC countries must continue producing their normal amount to keep America from dominating the industry. This means we are producing more oil than Saudi Arabia and more natural gas than Russia.

In the past few months the price of oil has dropped approximately $25 a barrel. This is financially hurting Russia, Iran and Venezuela. If our government wanted to, they could destroy the OPEC nations who have controlled oil and gas prices for years and many have supported terrorism. We could put people to work, improve the average pay check, pay off our national debt and give our nation a savings of approximately $75 billion a year in lower energy and gasoline prices. All we would have to do is stop this man-made climate change and realize that God controls the weather and everything in the universe. We then need to open public land to additional drilling under strict supervision from the EPA, under new management. We need to reduce the taxes on business and stop these ridiculous regulations that are causing businesses one trillion dollars annually to comply. We need to reduce the national government’s size and allow the states to decide what their people want in the form of government.

Would you please pray for our nation, before Election Day, Tuesday, November 4th, that we would elect people who would put America and its people ahead of their getting re-elected? If we could just get America slightly back to where we use to be and repent, God would be pleased and America would again prosper.

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