WHAT MAY AMERICA EXPECT IN THE FUTURE? God is warning America to repent or expect judgment.

Some Christians think the biggest mistake President Obama has made since being in office has been withdrawing support and protection from Israel and showing more partiality toward Israel’s enemies. This has made the situation in the Middle East more precarious. He has tried to get Israel to give up covenant land and accept a peace treaty with Palestine. Muslim leaders continue to call for an annihilation of Israel.

Genesis 12:3 – “I will bless those who bless you, and whoever curses you I will curse;and all peoples on earth will be blessed through you.”

WHAT I HEAR! If America was established by God for the protection of Jews, Israel and Christians as a few believe and the U.S. is no longer willing to support or protect Israel and Christians have not kept our government from its actions, is America no longer serving God’s purpose and is no longer needed in God’s plan? I hope none of this is true!!!

Seeing new churches started and existing churches expanding seems like we are getting ready for a spiritual revival. Therefore, I thought I would report the following as to what I have been reading and hearing. I am not a prophet only a reporter!

Israel was brought into existence by God when He asked Abraham to move to a new land. Historical evidence indicates that America was a creation of God also. God established a nation to provide a safe place for Jews and as a nation that would provide them protection. Columbus was an Italian Jew and he was financially supported by a number of Jewish men, in addition to the Queen, to look for a safe haven for Jewish people. In Spain, the Jews were told to convert to becoming a Catholic or leave the country. Of those that stayed, many were killed. If America was established to provide a safe place and protection for the Jews and we are not; is the U.S. no longer necessary and therefore not in the Book of Revelation? You will not find this in your history books.

America was formed after ancient Israel and is following the same moral and spiritual guidance as they did. Over the years, the same prophesies that applied to Israel appear to be applicable to America. We see in Scripture, as Christians, the same judgments that were given to the Jewish people. America is denying God just as the Israelites did. We know the discipline and judgment that God placed on them. I believe He has been warnings us as well.

Some believe the lost tribes of Israel migrated to the United Kingdom thousands of years ago. It is possible that some of our founding fathers had Jewish backgrounds and were unaware of it. Some believed America was an extension of ancient Israel. Our legal system was based on the laws given to Moses by God. They also designated Sunday, the day Christ arose from the grave, as the Christian Sabbath. Thanksgiving was based on the Feast of Tabernacle. Many of our cities were named after Jewish cities. Many children were named after Bible characters.

America’s founding fathers believed our nation would obey God’s ways. They also believed we would receive the same blessings as Israel received, if we followed the Bible as Christians. Evidence of America’s prosperity and superpower status confirms what they believed.

History books don’t tell you that in the beginning of America, education was established to teach the Word of God. In fact, some schools taught the Hebrew language. In my public grade school, the Bible was referred to and occasionally Biblical stores were told.

We believe what happened to Israel in the past, for rejecting God, similar discipline and punishment could occur in America. God used draughts, floods, other natural disasters, epidemic outbreaks and wars to punish the Israelites. His purpose has always been to urge Israel and America to repent and return to worshipping Him. When they don’t, in America, since many do not believe there is a God, they call it man-made disasters and not God’s discipline. The Bible said God prospered Israel by providing rain and abundant crops as He has America when He was being worshipped.

If you do not believe Israel and America were established by God, then you may not accept that America is under the same commandments and requirements as Israel as described in the Bible. Signs and warnings that were given to Israel, we believe are now being given to America. We believe one of America’s warnings happened on September 11, 2001 when the two towers were destroyed. We believe we are in the middle of another warning of judgment.

There will be four blood red moons, each appearing on a Jewish holiday, when a major event could occur. (See blog: OCTOBER 8th IS A SPECIAL DAY IN GOD’S PLAN.” On April 15, 2014 and October 8th, 2014 there was a blood moon or lunar eclipses on each of those dates. The first occurred on Passover. Another blood moon appeared on October 8, 2014 on Feast of the Tabernacles. Then again a blood moon will happen on April 4, 2015 on Passover and again on September 28, 2015 on Feast of the Tabernacles. Anytime there have been four blood red lunar eclipses in a row on religious holidays, there have been major events. In 1492 Columbus discovered America. In 1948 Israel became a nation. The next time this lunar eclipse phenomenon occurred was in 1967. Israel was attacked by Egypt, Syria, Jordan and Lebanon and they repelled their enemies. The war lasted six days and Israel captured Sinai, Golan Heights, Gaza Strip and the West Bank. They were able to unify control over Jerusalem their covenant land. The next time there will be four blood moons in a row, will be in 100 years, according to NASA.

Judgment can come from sun flairs, starvation, nuclear power plants, hurricanes, floods, volcanoes erupting, major earthquakes, terrorism, Ebola, etc…… Since the blood moons are seen in America and not in Israel, we believe they are meant for America. It could be possible that sometime in 2015, around September or October or before, God may be sending another warning of judgment. We must wait and see if the blood moons are a warning for America, Israel or the world. Will Americans repent and return to God before then? If not, are you ready spiritually to handle what may come?

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  1. I believe you are totally correct on this one. Many haters will scoff so they can support their god. (Fallen angel.)


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