Recently I heard two stories that illustrated unconditional love.  There were two identical twin brothers.  One was married and had three small children.  He was a heavy drinker and was not a Christian.  The other brother was single and a Christian.  The married brother drove home drunk and hit a mother and her two children.  They died at the scene from the accident.  He was convicted and was given a 30-year jail sentence.

His wife and three children were not doing well.  The single brother went to visit his brother in jail.  He told his brother that his family was not doing well and that they needed him.  He said change clothes with me and take my pass.  They will never know which one of us leaves.  I feel the Lord wants me to do this and maybe I can change the lives of some of the prisoners for Christ.  The change was made because of unconditional love for his brother and his family.

A young boy was told that his sister was about to die.  However, if he would give his blood to her she could live.  The young boy thought a minute and then said he was willing to give his blood.  Blood was taken and a transfusion was given to his sister.  After a while, the boy asked the doctor: “How long will it be before I die?”  He didn’t realize they were not going to take all of his blood, just enough for her to live.  The brother thought that he was giving his life that his sister could live.  Would you not consider this unconditional love?

I recently read the Book of Job in the Old Testament.  Job illustrated unconditional love for his family, neighbors and the poor and needy.  Yet, God allowed Satan to torment him with boils all over his body.  Job tried to live a life obedient to every command of God.  

I find it apparently impossible to love God unconditionally.  Every day I pray I am asking God for something.  I pray that God will not allow me to have a “Job” experience.  Please keep me healthy and from pain.  I pray that He will bless my family and give us purpose and direction in life.  

Naturally, much of my prayer is thanking God for the tremendous blessings of life and the opportunities that He has given me and my family.  I try to live an obedient life according to His ways so I can live with Him in eternity.  It just seems like I am always asking for something in return, which is not loving God unconditionally.  How else am I to gain wisdom, faith and knowledge without seeking God’s help?

I have continually asked God to help me know how to love Him unconditionally.  I suppose you can love God with all of your strength and still expect something in return that will make you a better person and a better Christian.

I heard Dr. Charles Stanley say that his life changed when he felt God loving him unconditionally.  Since I heard this, I have asked God to allow me to feel His unconditional love so that my life might also be changed.  If you have the answer, please comment.

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