Christ’s mother was a young teenager that could have been stoned to death, guilty of adultery.  Yet, she gladly accepted the responsibility of carrying Jesus to birth.  She was the only woman to have given birth conceived by the Holy Spirit and not by man.  This was so Christ would not have the sin-nature that came from Adam.  Otherwise, He would have needed someone to forgive and save Him.  He had to have a God-nature to be able to die sinless and sacrificially for our sins so we could be forgiven.

Matthew 1:18 – “This is how the birth of Jesus Christ came about: His mother Mary was pledged to be married to Joseph, but before they came together, she was found to be with child through the Holy Spirit.”

Scripture tells us that the universe was created for and through Christ. He had no beginning and no ending.   I continue to wonder, how the Son of God, with His tremendously unlimited powers, could be limited in the form of a baby.  Why was He born in a barn and laid in a manager?  I suppose it was to share with us the importance of humility.  Do you consider yourself a humble person?

I understand from the Old Testament that God dwelt among the Israelites as a nation.  However, when they became disobedient and worshipped other god’s He withdrew His protection and His association.  He did have special relationships with certain individuals who worshipped Him and followed His ways.  I believe His love was such that He wanted relationships with all of us, individually.

I believe that Christ came as a baby and a human to show us the kind of life God wanted us to live.  In addition, He needed to forgive man of His sins of disobedience.  God separates Himself from those who are sinners as the Bible confirms.  God cannot become a part of a person who has not repented, accepted His Son as his Savior and strives to live as Christ’s example.  That is why we must commit to separating ourselves from the ways of the world for God’s Spirit to be in us.

God communicates to us through His Spirit that is within us.  It amazes me that, through the grace of God, we can be in constant contact with Him at all times.  Do we live realizing we have God’s Spirit in us?  How much freedom are we willing to give the Holy Spirit to guide and check us?  That is like having two cars yet, walking everywhere we go if we are not listening, but ignoring the Holy Spirit.

To fulfill God’s purpose to give every person the opportunity to live eternally with Him, it could only be done through His Son coming to earth as a human.  He had to come the same way all of us are born.  Otherwise, we could not have accepted that anyone could live a life of humility and to serve others above themselves.  We know what the world is like when so many are hateful.  Can you imagine what the world would be like if everyone was full of love for others?  This is the promise we have been given that in eternity, for those who have accepted the Baby Jesus as God’s Son and Savior, love will abound.

This is why we celebrate Christmas and the birth of Christ.

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