“Make every effort to live in peace with everyone and to be holy; without holiness no one will see the Lord.”  Hebrews 12:14

It is possible for Christians to let the Holy Spirit become dormant in their lives.  If that is you, there are some things you may do to activate the Holy Spirit to again become active in your life.  If you believe the above Scripture means: Without holiness you will not see the Lord, then should we not make sure we are living a holy life?

Repeatedly, I have tried to point out that there is one requirement that seems necessary to see the Lord.  Throughout scripture we are told to live a holy life.  We are told to be holy as God is holy.  Both the Old and New Testaments teach we are to be people of peace and we are to walk in holiness and righteousness.  We are required to have certain attitudes and responsibilities to God and others; we are to pursue peace and reconciliation in all cases.  We certainly should not cause dissensions, which is apparent in most every church.

The Jews were required to be holy and clean in order to enter the temple.  Christians are told their sins must be forgiven and they were to be holy and righteous to enter God’s presence.  In this case, we believe it means to be devoted or consecrated to God’s service.  To live to please God, keeping His commandments, is to live a holy life.  Holiness and righteousness are gifts of grace to be used in how we live and how we treat others.

Matthew 5:6 – “Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness,
for they will be filled.”  Jesus is saying that if we have a hunger and a thirst for righteousness we will be filled. Filled could mean a number of things.  The actions of the Holy Spirit gives us added power, additional faith, heavenly wisdom and the desire to trust God’s Word.  We would be filled with a righteousness that only the Holy Spirit can provide.  To be filled requires a passion to live a holy life.  The Holy Spirit is available but we must be willing for the Spirit to act in our lives.

Let’s assume we have been living a Christian life for a period of time and we have become content with where we are spiritually.  Is it possible to lose our passion to become more spiritual?  Can we lose our desire to hunger and thirst to be more holy?

What value do we place on God and Christ?  The more value we place on something or someone the more attention we give it.  If we place a lot of value on money, it can become our god.  The more value we place on God and Christ in our life the more we will live to please them.

What is it that God wants from each one of us as Christians?  The answer is love through our relationship with Christ.  He wants our unconditional love toward Him and the same love to others.  Can you visualize living in an eternity where everyone had that kind of love for God and for others? There would be no need for armies or police. How do we obtain that kind of love?  Is it only possible when man no longer has a carnal, self-centered nature?   But that does not excuse us from striving to have a love that is unconditional.

The Bible repeatedly says God is not interested in our works but He cares about what is in our hearts.  Is His love really in our hearts?  If so we have learned there can be no hate or a lack of forgiveness.  What God requires can only be obtained by allowing the Holy Spirit to change who we are.  This is why we cannot allow the Holy Spirit to be ignored.  We must let the Holy Spirit become very active in our daily lives.  If we are not seeing supernatural occurrences from time to time we probably have not made the Holy Spirit our partner.  So shouldn’t we expect the Holy Spirit to be manifest in everything we do?  He will if we pray and ask for His help. He will not force Himself onto us.

Start each day with prayer asking specifically for the Spirit within us to guide in everything we do throughout the day.  The last thing each day, take a minute and thank the Holy Spirit for being active in our lives.  After a time we will begin to realize and recognize that God’s Spirit lives within us and is actively changing our behavior.  We will then begin to realize that we as Christians have been given a unique advantage in living our lives.  We too will learn there are many blessings that God wants to give to us through the Holy Spirit within.  Are a few minutes daily worth God’s blessings?

I do not believe you can live a holy life without being knowledgeable of Scripture.  When a person initially becomes a Christian you may have little knowledge.  You cannot live a holy life if you do not have a personal relationship with Christ.  The probability of that relationship happening without reading the Bible  is very slim.

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