Why God Promises To Protect Israel

Follow Bible prophecy and the history of Israel and it will prove there is a God and it will authenticate the accuracy of the Bible. The Bible will provide a description of the character of God.  We then can learn what He expects from man and what man can expect from God.  We can be guaranteed, through prophecy, that what He promises will be fulfilled.  We can understand His love, mercy and grace.  The result should be a life with a trust in God that provides faith, love, joy and peace in one’s soul.

In 586 the Babylonian king Nebuchadnezzar totally destroyed the nation, Jerusalem and the temple.  After 70 years they returned to rebuild Jerusalem and the temple.  Some 650 years later in 70 AD the Romans totally destroyed Israel, Jerusalem and the temple.  They were no longer a nation for 1,878 years.  The Old Testament prophets predicted that the nation would again take place in the future, thus proving that God kept His word.    Israel was driven out and twice destroyed.  The Hebrew language was almost extinct.  Today, the Israelis speak Hebrew their original language.  One promise of many promises that is still to be fulfilled is the rebuilding of the Temple on the Temple Mount.  What obstacles must occur to remove and replace the Muslim’s “Rock of the Dome” located on the Temple Mount since 689 AD? Devastation of its enemies as prophesied in Scripture.   It will be another proof of the Bible’s accuracy when it happens.

Beginning in 1880 Jews very slowing started coming back to Israel.  Jews coming from Russia trickled in at first.  Then came World War I and in 1917 many more Jews returned.  After World War II and the Nazi Holocaust hundreds of thousands of Jews fled to Israel.  Then came May 1948 and Israeli people were attacked by surrounding nations.  The war ended with Israel’s independence.  For the next 23 years there was continual fighting.  Next came the six day war of 1967 and Jerusalem was united with Israel.  There has been continual skirmishes ever since.  The problem has been over Jerusalem and the Temple Mount.  At one time, 1/6 of Jerusalem included the Temple.  The Bible states that the War of Armageddon will be in part over the possession of Jerusalem.   God is in the process of fulfilling His promise as He has always done.

If God breaks any one of His covenant promises to Abraham and the prophets, His enemies would use that to state the Bible is meaningless and God cannot be trusted.  What if Israel was attacked, defeated and completely destroyed?    How much credence would you place in the Bible?  God has used the Jewish nation and history to prove that He is Who He says He is.  Eliminate God’s relationship with Israel, from Abraham until today, and you might as well throw out the Bible.  If God allowed Israel to be destroyed, our faith and trust in God and the Bible is shattered.

Satan has always tried to destroy Israel throughout history.  Throughout the Bible, rulers and nations have tried to eradicate the nation.  Our reasoning is, if you destroy Israel, you will destroy any link to God.  Many believe that at certain times, God has relinquished His protection and allowed Satan’s attacks to discipline His people because of their rejection of God’s authority.  We see when they were deep in sin, it’s like God said if you want to live like the devil then go ahead.  When they had enough and things seemed hopeless, they would repent, begin worshiping God and He would be their God again.  This was because of His promise to Abraham and it shows He always keeps His promises.

We read in Genesis 12:3 – “I will bless those who bless you and whoever curses you I will curse; and all peoples on earth will be blessed through you.”     If we are to take the Bible literally that would mean God has an obligation, in order to keep His promise, to curse anyone who curses Israel.  Is Scripture implying cursing and blessing individuals or would this apply to nations only?  We can present facts that throughout history those nations who attacked Israel were retaliated against, it must include nations.  Therefore, should we not be concerned when our government is not supportive of Israel?   The U.S. failed to support Israel in their  blockage of ships to the Gaza strip.  Also our administration’s requirement to give up their covenant land.   Should we not expect God to fulfill His promise to curse?

It seems like anytime our presidents require Israel to give up their covenant land to the Palestinians, we have had severe weather conditions; such as, hurricanes, tornadoes and floods.  Ezekiel 13:13 – “Therefore this is what the Sovereign Lord says: In my wrath I will unleash a violent wind, and in my anger hailstones and torrents of rainwill fall with destructive fury.”  President Reagan was a strong supporter of Israel.  During his presidency it seems we had times when we were blessed. Let me start with President George H. W. Bush.  On October 30, 1991 speaking at the Madrid Peace Process, he was the first president and he made it very clear that Israel was required to surrender parts of the covenant land for peace.  On October 30 a ferocious storm smashed into New England.  It was called “The Perfect Storm”.  You may have read the book or saw the movie.  It created ocean waves of over 100 feet among the highest ever recorded.  President George H. W. owns a home on the East Coast at Kennebunkport, Maine that was heavily damaged.  Eyewitnesses said that waves as high as thirty feet rose from the ocean and smashed into the President’s seaside home.  What timing!  An extremely rare and powerful storm went one thousand miles in the wrong direction on the day he was speaking.  Similar unusual conditions have occurred under each of our presidents since then as each have required Israel to give up their land.

I am concerned with the way the Obama administration has been treating Israel.  On March 23, 2010 President Obama gave a very cool reception at the White House to Prime Minister Netanyahu.  Recently, he has refused to meet with him.  On April 20,2010 an explosion occurred aboard a drilling rig 40 miles off the coast of Louisiana killing eleven people and millions of barrels of oil continued to spurt out of the ocean floor. If disasters are occurring as a result of our relationship with Israel, I wondered if President Obama made peace with Israel if things would improve?

Most nations of the world do not recognize God’s covenant with Israel.  Some believe the Jews did have a covenant but it is no longer valid.  Isn’t God continuing to use the birth of Israel in 1948 to show that His Word is true?  The Islamic religion does not believe the covenant was made with Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.  They believe it was made with Abraham and Ishmael.  Whereas, the Christian Bible believes it was not with Ishmael but Isaac.  (Genesis 17:19 – 21) – Therefore, they believe that what Allah promised was to Ishmael and the land is their covenant.  However, the most Palestinians are descendants of Esau, Isaac’s brother.

Muslins controlled Palestine much of the time from 638 A.D. yet could not prevent the restoration of Israel.  Yet, our government believes that they can obtain a peaceful co-existence between the two.  The rebirth of Israel shows the authority of the Bible as the Word of God and proof that the Koran and Mohammed were incorrect in some assumptions.   It is not possible for the Muslins to ever accept Israel as a nation.  It would be an admission that what they believed was wrong and what Israel believed was correct.  Yet, our different administrations don’t seem to get it.

The 36th Chapter of Ezekiel makes it very clear to Chrisitnas that the property belongs to Israel.  However, there are a number of Christian theologians who believe the covenant God had with Abraham was broken in Ad 70.  They believe Christianity replaced Israel as God’s chosen people.   This would mean Israel is no longer relevant and Bible prophecy in the end times is meaningless.

It was Zechariah who prophesied the restoration of Israel, but said that when the people returned it would be in unbelief toward God and the Messiah, the Lord Jesus Christ.  God also said He would judge any nation that tried to destroy Israel.   ” And I will pour out on the house of David and the inhabitants of Jerusalem a “spirit of grace” and supplication. They will look on me, the one they have pierced, and they will mourn for him as one mourns for an only child, and grieve bitterly for him as one grieves for a firstborn son.”  If the restoration of Israel is not of God you would have to ignore prophecy and all that has happened as told by historians.

If you want to know how much grace God has, just look at what He has done in spite of the attitude of the Jewish people.  God knew, before the creation of the earth that if He chose Israel as a special people, what they would do.  They would be evil, disobedient and sinful.  In many cases they were arrogant and highly self-centered as many others humans.  Yet, He has never given up on them.  It is because of His promises He had to keep and His mercy and grace.

How often have we met brilliant people who have been absolutely unable to comprehend or understand the meaning of grace?  According to one survey, 40% of Christians throughout the U.S. believe they will get to heaven through good works.  Why is it so hard to understand that we are saved by grace through faith?  Many believe living a good, moral life and helping others is all that is required to get to heaven.  They do not realize that inwardly they have a corrupt heart.  Or, there are those who understand God’s grace but do not apply it to how they live.  Grace is defined as God’s unearned favor.  Mercy is God keeping us from having to experience what we deserve.  Grace is God forgiving us of our sins for which we do not deserve as He has done forever with Israel.  Justice can be receiving what we deserve.

If you truly understand Scripture you can prove there is a God through the History of Israel.  You can see His mercy and grace given to them as a nation.  You will realize that He keeps His promises.  He, through Israel, helps us to understand what God’s grace truly means to each of us.  Is there any sin He cannot forgive?  Ask the Jewish people?

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