Las Vegas – Sin City or the Louisiana Coast?

When Hurricane Katrina hit we were told it could be due to the sinfulness of those states on the Gulf of Mexico’s coast, particularly Louisiana. Now there is a tremendous problem with a devastating oil spill headed for the same area. God must really have it in for those people.

Christ, in chapter two of Revelation asked John to write to the church at Pergamum. Rev. 2:13a – “I know where you live—where Satan has his throne.” Pergamum was the most famous city in Asia. History tells us the people worshipped power and authority. The people of Pergamum didn’t care about right or wrong only about themselves.

I talked to a lady from Cambodia who said their government was so corrupt they didn’t care about the people only themselves and their lavish lifestyle. This was typical of governments in the Old Testaments and since.

During the apostle John’s time, the author of Revelation, it was believed by the people that Satan’s throne actually existed in Pergamum and it seems Christ is confirming this belief. The city was surrounded by a society that was non-Christian and its values, standards and lack of morals permeated the population. Satan can be in only one place and in Revelation we are told he can be in a human body. But he has an efficient organization of millions of fallen angels and demons that are against Christianity and the world. They are everywhere.

Las Vegas, like Pergamum, can be the most difficult place for a Christian to live because of the tremendous Satanic and sinful influences. Las Vegas, as in Pergamum, many Christians have stayed true and faithful to the teachings of Christ. However, in Las Vegas like Pergamum, believers can be easily deceived. Some Christians believe they can co-exist with the world and believe that living as the world does is acceptable to God.

It is easy to become too legalistic and condemning, in this atmosphere, and the opposite of legalism is being too liberal. Churches and many Christians find it difficult to be in between theologically. We must not reject believers who are living on the edge. We must be encouragers and lead by example.

There may be little difference, sin-wise, between those being harmed by hurricanes, tornadoes, oil disasters or earthquakes and the lifestyle of many living in Las Vegas or elsewhere. If God is doing any punishing for immoral living, I would suspect there are many cities and states that would be found just as guilty. Is God punishing cities like Las Vegas and Detroit through economic crises? Could we really blame God for what these two cities are going through economically? Or, could it be a result of human greed? In my 36 years in Las Vegas it was assumed Las Vegas was recession proof—build and they will come. Maybe God is punishing Arizonan’s with being the kidnapping capital of America because of their evil deeds. How far do we take this to reach the conclusion that if God is punishing people for how they live, is anyone safe?

Al Gore and his people would have us believe that God is not in control. We can live anyway we desire just as long as we don’t melt the ice caps and glaciers. How far do we go before stopping this silliness? Study Revelations! The closer we get to the end-times the greater nature and the climate will change. Earthquakes and famines are predicted regardless of how you live or where you live. I contend that if the world converted to Christianity God would see that the earth would change for the better. However, we know the chances of that happening are minimal. Satan has made too many inroads and people’s hearts are so hard they could never be convinced or converted. Moses tells of the hardened heart of the Egyptian Pharaoh. No matter what miracles or signs were given he refused to give in until the eldest son in every Egyptian family died. So don’t be surprised, as we get closer to the end, if from time to time we see national disasters and these horrible events happening anywhere at any time. God is in control and is allowing the Book of Revelation to play out! If you want to know what to expect—study it.

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  1. Ken

     /  May 6, 2010

    Do you believe the Lord may be responding? !
    Hosea 2: 21-23- “In that day I will respond” declares the Lord–I will respond to the skies, they will respond to the earth; and the earth will respond to the grain, the new wine and the oil, and they will respond to Jezreel. I will plant her for myself in the land; I will show my love to the one I called ‘Not my loved one.’ I will say to those called ‘Not my people,’ ‘You are my people; and they will say ‘You are my God’.”

    And this is not just covering Vegas and the Louisiana Coast. It is a Global out reach and covers more than just dry land and climate change, but that will be where the major changes will be observed and noted.
    Will the responding be more than just to the skies?


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