One Of God’s Principles We Must Not Violate.

Often I am inspired listening to Charles Stanley and write blogs based on his sermons. This past week he talked about the importance of waiting on God. He used these verses. Isaiah 64:4 “For when you did awesome things that we did not expect, you came down, and the mountains trembled before you. [Since ancient times no one has heard, no ear has perceived, no eye has seen any God besides you, who acts on behalf of those who wait for him.” A God who acts on our behalf if we will wait for Him.]

The principle that we must not violate is the gift of patience. In my younger days I got caught up in the world’s instant gratification need. If we needed something the credit card was handy. It was never a matter of could we afford it; it was something that we had to have so let’s get it. There were many times we spent more than we earned. It was the thing to do, because everyone was doing it. Besides, I was working hard and spending a lot of time earning a living and we had earned the better things in life.

If we wanted something, we didn’t stop to pray and ask the Lord if this is something we should have we just bought it. It wasn’t that we were disobedient we just had not understood that God wanted to be involved in our lives. As I look back it seems that the devil had more persuasion on our lives that God. INSTANT GRATIFICATION! There are a number of things that Satan can use to keep us from living a godly and holy life. He also uses fear to persuade how we live our lives.

Once we realized through Bible study that God wanted to be personally involved in our lives did we change. If we let Him, God wants to encourage, heal, teach, protect us, empower us and answer our prayers. He always wants what is best for us. However, He gives us free moral agency to make our decisions and not to over-ride what we choose. Well, how long should we wait if our prayer is not answered before we take action? King David waited over ten years from the time he was selected to be the next king until he was crowned. He had the opportunity to kill King Saul twice but chose to allow the Lord to work it out. Joseph was told in a dream that others would bow before him. He waited years before the dream actually happened.

For a number of years I wanted to own my own business. It meant leaving a well paying career and begin with no income. What I learned from this experience is the importance of faith and trust that God would meet our needs. It wasn’t a matter of one day deciding, it took time and one day the door opened as clearly as it could. As a result, things have worked out better than expected. We must pray for God’s will and purpose, then wait for His timing and direction.

I realize the older we get and the more spiritually mature we become it is easier to wait on the Lord. But the more we allowed God to be involved in our lives, the more trust we developed and the greater our faith became. We no longer are tempted to do things our way and in our time. We will continue to be patient. If you want a more blessed life let God act on your behalf and wait for his direction and timing.

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  1. Darlene

     /  October 5, 2010

    Well said!! I myself enjoy Charles Stanley… a very strong and passionate teacher! I believe as Christians, we sometimes forget to include God in all of our decisions. We live by our 5 senses. We fail to realize that because we do not see, hear, taste, smell, and touch, that by including God, he will work on our behalf. The more we gain spiritual growth, the stronger our faith becomes as to not have to rely on our senses. In my earlier years of being a Christian, I really struggled with these things because my faith was weak and I lacked patience. I have learned over the years that putting God first and knowing that he is always in control, helps to keep our lives balanced. When I do not put God first, that is when things begin to fall out of line. When we do not put God first– We do not make decisions “Decently and in Order.” When God created the heavens and the earth, he did everything “Decently and in Order” and because of that, everything was done step by step with precision and perfection. He didn’t miss any important steps. When we do not include God into our lives while making tough decisions, we will most likely make sloppy decisions and miss important steps that will most likely end up causing us to suffer huge consequences that could be costly. I thank God for getting to this point of understanding and increasing my level of spiritual maturity 🙂

  2. Darlene

     /  October 5, 2010

    “Decent and in Order”

    This just brought me back to what I used to tell my teenage boys when they were younger about clutter being in their rooms… I would tell them each week to clean their room so that when they would do their homework, that they could “think” easier. If my home is a mess, I notice that I can’t think properly, I get hugely distracted and feel off balance. When my home is clean, and clutter free, I feel amazing. Why? Because it is Biblical. Do things “Decent and in Order! I have been in friends/ families homes and have seen how some people like to hoard things and can’t throw things away. I believe this is a spiritual problem for some people. They feel a sense of comfort and safety having all of these “material” things surrounding them. When I get rid of things that I do not need… I feel an amazing sense of peace and contentment. It’s no wonder why God says do ALL things “Decent and in Order.”


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