Chile & Haiti Earthquakes – Who is next?

It is possible that earthquakes are becoming more plentiful. Is it a sign that we are getting to the end times?

Matthew 13:7 – 8 – “When you hear of wars and rumors of wars, do not be alarmed. Such things must happen, but the end is still to come. Nation will rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom. There will be earthquakes in various places, and famines. These are the beginning of birth pains.”

Christ tells us to be prepared for there is a Day of Judgment coming. No one knows when that day will be but if we interpret our Bible correctly it isn’t too close and yet not too far away. The early church believed it would be within a few generations that the end would come. Many in our generation believed that it could come at any time. Verse 10 – “The gospel must first be preached to all nations.” Before the end times we know everyone will have a chance to have heard the message of the gospel.

Chapter eleven of Revelation indicates that during the Tribulation there will be tremendous earthquakes, famines and wars. It is my belief that the two recent earthquakes are no more than the earth going through what it has gone through since sin occurred in the Garden of Eden when the earth became cursed.

I have been through three earthquakes of six and seven on the Richter Scale. Chile’s earthquake had to put a number of people into a panic. An 8.8 is much more severe and way more powerful than Haiti’s. Initial reports indicate there was less damage and fewer losses of lives in Chile because of government building requirements and a different living standard.

On average there is an earthquake between 8.0 and 8.9 that occurs at least once a year. Earthquakes between 6.0 and 6.9 occur about 120 times in a year somewhere around the world. About 100 years ago there was a 9.5 earthquake in Ecuador. I remember Alaska having a 9.2 in 1964. I knew the store manager of the Montgomery Ward store in Anchorage. It suffered severe damage and totaled out a large part of their inventory.

My belief based on history, Southern California is due at anytime. In fact, it may have gone longer than normal. In 1972 I was asked to manage the Anaheim Ward’s store in Los Angeles. There were a number of reasons I turned it down. However, one of those reasons was my experience going through some large earthquakes in Washington state and Japan. Then in 1987 I was at a Ward’s meeting and was on the eighth floor of a hotel by the Ontario airport when the Whittier 6.0 earthquake hit. There is nothing you can do except pray and I did.

Everywhere in this world people are facing disasters. Many believe some of our problems, such as global warming, are caused by man. Indirectly the earth was cursed because of sin. However, no where can I find in the Bible that man will cause the earth’s temperature to rise. The snow storms on the east coast are not caused by man. As I have written previously, I do not believe it is God punishing those people. The earth goes through cycles. Go back and study history. Everything that is now happening has happened many times previously. This is another reason we should be praying for everyone. We have been blessed to live in an area that is fairly free from disasters. With all of the sin that goes on in Las Vegas you would think that if God were punishing sinners we would be in a heap of trouble.

Too often we fret, worry or become frustrated over minor problems. When we realize what these people are going through, having been involved in these two earthquakes, it seems many of our problems are fairly insignificant. If we were to go through disasters such as these and survive I would imagine our lives may become simpler and our needs would be fewer. At least we would put more trust in God.

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  1. Sue

     /  July 3, 2013

    Hi Don
    Hi Don
    I worked for Montgomery Ward in Anchorage Alaska 1962-1964 then came back to work at Montgomery Wards in Oakland CA. I left Anchorage in Feb 1964 just before the earthquake. I have tried to find pictures of the 5th Street store but have not been successful. I have pictures of the inside of store but not the outside. What was the name of your friend that was the manager of Montgomery Wards in Anchorage?
    I have picture of the employees that worked there at that time maybe one is your friend.

    I lost contact with my friends and didn’t know if any were insured. I would have been working at that time.
    The store closed at 6:00Pm and the earthquake was 5:30. If you have any information I would appreciate information you have.
    Thank you and have a blessed day.

    • Don Boyd

       /  July 3, 2013

      My friend was our furniture manager at Wards in Klamath Falls, Or. I left in 1974 and cannot remember her name. She went to Anchorage to manager an indepent store. I have been in the Oakland store a few times but have no information.

      • Sue

         /  July 3, 2013

        Mrs Olsen was the store manager when I worked there. I have a picture of her I can send later.

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