For Those Who Do Not Think We Are Any Longer A Christian Nation

Haiti is one of the most corrupt nations in the world. The World Bank puts it at 151 out of 183 countries. Haiti is said to be one of the hardest places in the world to establish a legal business. If you follow all of their procedures, pay the fees and bribes it would cost three times what an average citizen makes annually. The protection of investors and property is not a guarantee because of a lax enforcement and a dysfunctional legal system. What would it take to make Haiti a competitive nation and people’s standard of living considerably improved?

For a republic to work as the U.S. is, it requires a nation with morals. Look at Mexico! If they were established on Christian principles, had our constitution, our legal system and our form of Government would they have similar results? They don’t and millions have fled in order to feed their families. In fact, we have put up fences and patrol our borders to keep them out. Could they at this time establish our form of government? No! They are not a Christian nation or a generally moral nation as most countries aren’t.

What has always made the United States different? The foundation of our country was created on Christian principles—to love God and love our neighbor. Sure, many no longer live by Christian principles but it is our constitution, our form of government and the average American’s acceptance, realizing the necessity to conform in order to live in the greatest nation in the world. Though corruption exists there are enough honest, hardworking men and women with the integrity to be productive within the system.

What would happen if the average American were to no longer be guided by Christian beliefs? We would lose our freedom and rely on the government to meet our needs. We would become very much like many of the European nations. Does it sound familiar?

How do we keep America as it has always been? Do we let our government control our economy and enact socialist laws and programs? Or, do we change the hearts of individuals to maintain our freedom and our ingenuity? There is a big difference in philosophies being presented to us. When do Christians really get earnest in praying for our country and our leadership? When do we start praying that America needs a spiritual revival? We must never let the U.S. not be a Christian nation. The consequences could be disastrous.

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