Why Blog?

I was encouraged to blog and thought, “ Why not?”.  Throughout my years of  teaching Bible classes, there were always certain questions that were repeatedly asked.  So, when searching for blog topics, I decided that I would go to my notes and try twice a week to shed light on things I have learned that may be helpful to others.  Then I realized that if I did this for a year that would require 104 blogs. As I thought about the commitment, I wondered  if I could even last six months? Then it came to me:  I will let the Holy Spirit lead me. 

It is very easy for me to make snap decisions.  Over the years I have worked with a few thousand people giving directions, so in most cases it was a natural response for me to just react.  Then I learned that there was a better way to make choices.  It was like one day I woke up and realized that the Holy Spirit was with me every minute.  The Bible tells me that He is there to help me live a better life and give me guidance.  He is there to guide me in making the right choices  if I will simply ask Him.  Partnering with the Holy Spirit in my daily activities has changed my whole life and how I live!  Do I now make better decisions and fewer mistakes?  Possibly!  But, most importantly, learning to lean on the Holy Spirit, has given me a greater assurance that I am living my life for Christ and not just for myself. 

It is not unusual to pray when buying a home or purchasing a new car.  What about praying for the everyday ordinary things in life?  Do we live our life by what we think is best, or do we pray and ask the Lord what He would have us do?  I am not suggesting that before making a selection we get on our knees and pray about it; however,  Scripture says we are to pray continually (1 Thessalonians 5:17).  While I do not believe this implies that we are to live our lives on our knees, I do believe we are to focus on Christ throughout the day by leaning on the Holy Spirit.   He is our partner in everything,  not just when we find ourselves in a tough situation.  It’s often said that two heads are better than one. Why operate solo when we can have divine assistance?  If you want a life changing event to take place, then share your life with the Spirit that is within you throughout the day.   

I awoke early this morning, and as I lay in bed, I asked the Holy Spirit if there was something that I should blog about today.  It seemed like He was saying: “Tell them why you are blogging”.   So this is my blog for the day!

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