The Las Vegas Dream Continues

I asked my daughter what she was going to do this Memorial Day weekend.  She told me that she was baking cookies to share with the women at a gentleman’s strip club in town.  That seemed rather odd.  However, nothing surprises me anymore.  So I asked her to tell me what was happening:

The Story

Heather Veitch, a young stripper, was at Starbucks feeling very lonely and felt something was missing in her life.  Two ladies entered and started going from table to table inviting people to attend their church.  She hoped that they would invite her also, but they didn’t. Heather felt that because of the way she was dressed and the way she looked she was the only one that was not invited. 

Despite the initial shun from the two women, Heather  picked up one of the cards they’d left and decided to attend a chuch service on her own. Once at the service, she felt the Holy Spirit convicting her.  In time she accepted Christ into her heart and a charismatic event took place in her life.  She is no longer a stripper and now uses her life changing transformation to inspire others to change. She is the founder of JC’s Girls, a faith-based organization that reaches out and offers support to women in the Adult Entertainment industry. God has now laid it on her heart to witness to other strippers so they may come to know Jesus Christ.   

God’s Word tells us that “all things work together for good to them who love God and are called according to His purpose” (Romans 8:28). While God was redeeming the life of a former stripper, He was also orchestrating a divine pairing of two unlikely parties:

Rhonda came from Illinois to be a pastor at at our church–Central Christian Church.  She had no idea that such an awesome task lay before her. She was approached by a member of Central’s Executive Team to begin overseeing the partnership Central had established with JC’s Girls.  As a result of her first meeting with the leader of JC’s Girls, Rhonda agreed it would be beneficial to make a visit to the club to understand the full scope of this outreach ministry. Having never been inside a strip club before, Rhonda’s reaction was not much different from the reaction most Christian women would have.  God, are you kidding?  Do you really want this conservative woman from the Midwest to enter into a strip club?

Rhonda invited the leader of JC’s Girls, Heather, to share her story with small groups of women in hopes the Holy Spirit would stir in their hearts a desire to enter into the culture of the Adult Entertainment Industry for outreach. The trigger for both was an event organized by our Women’s Ministry in partnership with JC’s Girls to host a Christmas party inside the strip club for the dancers.  A prayer room was booked in a hotel room and filled with men and women praying before, during and after for the team of women who went into the club for this event.  God is answering those prayers.  Each month a team of women go to a club and visit with dancers, always bearing gifts of love that God provides through the generosity of others.   This past Easter women put 50 baskets together for the children of the dancers. The women are always overwhelmed and excited that someone would care enough to share with them. 

To this day, the club’s management has allowed our women to go into their gentleman’s club during business hours and witness to these women.  Slowly they are seeing a response and can see the Holy Spirit working in the lives of a few of these women.  My daughter tells me that this weekend she is baking cookies, as well as others, so they can be taken to the club.  The ladies of our church are praying that more doors will open to more clubs so they may reach out to as many strippers as the Holy Spirit allows.

I tell this story as a prelude to another experience I wish to share.  In 1981 the Brotherhood of Christian Churches printed a monthly handout called the Christian Standard.  It told of twelve women on the east coast who felt lead to pray for a revival to take place in America in the 1800s.  Because of those women, one of the largest revivals ever spread across America.  After reading that handout, I wondered when God’s next great revival would take place. With all that was going on in our country, it seemed like something spiritual was drastically needed to take place in the U.S. again.  It came to my mind, why couldn’t a revival start in Las Vegas?  That would be the last place anyone would ever expect.  And, of course, with God anything is possible!

Over the years, I have noticed that churches from many denominations in Las Vegas are experiencing spiritual revivals within their churches. I have already shared that since 1981 our church’s outreach has experienced an increase in church attendance of over 1000%.

I am seeing a number of Christian schools growing by leaps and bounds.  New Christian schools are popping up as I write.   I just contributed to the start up of a new high school that has received 75 acres of land.

It is no longer a secret that Las Vegas is one of the fastest growing Christian communities in America. Through the prayers of others, a small revival has already begun in the Adult Entertainment industry. If we are to see this spark ignite into a flame that burns in the hearts of those throughout America, shouldn’t we as Christians begin praying now for that revival? God is no respector of persons (Acts 10:34-35). If He is touching the hearts of strippers in Las Vegas, He will do the same for anyone.

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  1. Prayer gets it done!!! It’s a beautiful thing to know we now have many of these women beginning to attend Central. We can never ever put the power of prayer on the back burner of any ministry effort but it must be the foundation on which we build everything we do. I love that Mike has called us to fast and pray for upcoming opportunities that only a God like ours could open up. Love your heart for revival Don.


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