Say it and Show it! Get involved!

I have finally made it to the Blog trail!! 

First,  I would like to say thank you to both  Don Boyd for his  vision and patience  and  Shannon Clark for your helpful guidance.

Mr. Boyd has been there for me in several ways over the last 10 years .  I am thankful that God did not take him home a few years ago after his last heart condition.  His work is not done!

Like many of you, life has kept me very busy (Family, work  etc..) 

I am so thankful today  that I have a wonderful wife that loves the LORD and my children…  Oh the kids!  I have to say that Psalm 127:3 says it all, “Children are a reward from HIM.”  For  any of you who have not had children or are not that involved in a child’s life, Get Involved!  I say that because I see children every day who just want God’s love in their life,  and I guarantee that you will benefit even more than the child!  I believe that God uses children in our lives in part to show us how simple things can be and how great HIS love is for us.  I  have heard  many parents over the years say, ” It is too late!”   That is a lie straight from Satan!  Whether your children are 2 or 32, they need your love! 

I have been in accountability with many  men over the years, and I frequently hear the statement,   “My parents never said, ‘ I love you'”.  Can you imagine what that feels like?  Maybe you can,  or this one, “We never hugged”.  Wow! The damage that comes from this is enormous, but we can stop it!  I believe that we have to be willing to “Say it and Show it!”.  For people out there who do not have children of their own, again I say,  “Get Involved!”  It really is not that difficult, and the rewards are unmeasurable.   I want to share with you what happened to me just the other day:

I always go to garage sales because it was something my Dad and I always shared growing up.  He would take the darnedest things and fix them up and either sell them or most times give them away.  He taught me the value of doing something for someone else at a young age.  What a gift!  Anyway, every time I see a young person with a lemonade stand, watch out!  My wife and friends laugh at me because I will save $20.00 on an item and then give away more money by the time I get home.  Well, just this past week, I discovered that I have finally made the rounds in Vegas.  People are starting to recognize me as having been to their last sale. HA!  I tell you, I feel close to my Dad on these early Saturday mornings because he took the time to share this with me.  He came to know Christ when he was 68 and passed at 69 (that is another awesome story),  but the love he showed us growing up lasts an eternity!  (I am now sharing this garage sale adventure with my children as well,  much to my wife’s amusement.)  So, as I approached a sale the other day, one of the ladies there called out and said, “Hey, he is here again!”  At first I had no idea what she was talking about, but then a little girl walked out with a huge smile on her face!  She said, “You remember me?, and by  the Grace of God I did!  She had been selling lemonade at the end of the driveway a couple of years ago. Her mother said that she has never forgot me because I gave her more money than she had made the whole day but most importantly.  I actually spoke with her!  Before you get any ideas that I handed this girl a $100.00, I did not.  It was probably only three or four dollars, but  she returned the greatest smile! I remember telling her so, and she beamed from ear to ear.  Now the tear jerk-er:  Her mother said,  “Her Dad is not around much and your words meant so much to her!”    I thought, What? you have to be kidding me.   I did not do much at all.  She thanked me again and I told the litttle girl to keep smiling.  As I got in my car,  I prayed for her.  God’s love started to overwhelm me, I did so little!  I started to tear up, how can this be?  I only spent 5 minutes with her and she remembered.  I felt God’s love pour over me and this verse came to me,  “Whoever welcomes a child in my name welcomes me.” (Matthew 18:5)

I again realize that while it is important to tell everyone about Jesus, it is also important to show them – God is Love!   Our words are important, but our actions are critical!   The next time you or I think that we do not have time to impact a child, remember , it only took me FIVE MINUTES! 

I am so glad that we serve a God that let’s us participate in HIS work.  What a privilege!