Advantages That Come With Being A Christian

Many of us have learned to become leaders by seeing the mistakes of bosses or supervisors for whom we have worked. Some of us have worked for imperfect, overbearing or incompetent bosses and realize that they can drain our energy and all but destroy creativity.

Creative, competent and independent-thinking people have a tendency to challenge questionable decisions and this is intolerable to certain bosses. Or have you worked for a boss whose decisions were capricious, arbitrary and seldom predictable? This is why I believe what Scripture teaches can be so helpful in developing a leadership attitude and abilities.

The apostle Paul says that a good leader needs to have high ethical standards and have a good reputation with others. He or she should be a person who is living a life that is blameless and fair to all. It is a person who is in no relationship or a monogamous one. A leader should live and do things in moderation, having limits, control excesses and not be seen as an extravagant individual. They should have enough self-control to resist temptations and would never become addicted to anything. They should make reasonable and sane judgments.

A leader must be respected by others. We must realize that our decisions and behavior determines our character and present a lasting impression on others. Respect is always earned and never comes from one’s position. A disrespected boss can only obtain a limited amount of productivity. In order to gain the most effort out of employees their management style is normally based on fear.

A good leader must be a gracious host and have a servant’s heart according to Paul. They would never ask someone to do something they would not be willing to do themselves or pitch in and help if the need is warranted.

A good leader must be able to teach and communicate in order for others to understand. It is important to have purpose and direction or a mission statement in order for everyone to be on the same page. Bosses sometimes really do not know what it is they want and lack the ability to give proper directions. This can lead to having a dysfunctional work force.

Paul would probably ask who would like working for a drunk. Many people who are alcoholics drink because of personal problems or to escape reality. Throughout Paul’s writing he is continually stressing moderation in all things and becoming addicted to nothing.
A good leader is able to control anger. A leader can be stern and use discipline without raising their voice or going into contortions. Anger can cause words to be used that can destroy employee’s morale. A person with a gentle spirit can be just as requiring as an ogre.

There are bosses who have quarrelsome attitudes. No matter what is said they need to state their opinion. In some situations they need to prove that their way is the only and best way. There are bosses who are unwilling to listen to anyone under their authority with different suggestions. They limit one’s ingenuity and effectiveness by not allowing an employee to take ownership in what they have been asked to do.

Scripture teaches us that money must be a by-product from services rendered. If money is our goal it can become our god. My business or one’s job must be part of their ministry for Christ. I hope most people understand what this means. We are not to put ourselves before others and should be doing our job to help others. We are to live by the “Golden Rule” to do unto others as we would have them do unto us. I have found over the years that an employer cannot afford to lose good, qualified and capable employees. In normal times these people have unlimited opportunities. Good leadership surrounds themselves with superior employees and makes conditions conducive to keeping that help.

Paul tells us in I Timothy chapter three that a good leader must be able to manage their family well. If one cannot manage their family they probably will never become a great leader. To do an adequate job at both home and workplace requires compassion. Too many times parents can be too authoritative, domineering, cruel, overly stern or abnormally protective. Thus, they cause those they lead to become dependent upon the leader to provide their purpose and direction. Studies have indicated that many times how one manages at home is duplicated in the workplace.

Parents and good leaders must show firmness, mercy and compassion. They must be fair and have balance in their decision making. They must be responsible role models and earn the respect of their family or their employees. If those whom we lead do not respect our authority they will have a tendency to resist our leadership and in some cases families will rebel and employees may find other jobs.

Promotions to supervisory position can often make some become over-confident and self-absorbed with their new found power. Bosses who have allowed power to make themselves conceited can create demoralized employees. According to the apostle Paul it is best that a person have time in service and understand what needs to be done and how to do it. A Christian leader should not be placed into a leadership position until they are well-founded in their faith and truly understand Scripture. They must not allow pride to make them believe they are more important that they are. Many times we put people in leadership positions and then find they have missed paying their taxes, have been stealing or have had or are having sexual escapades that damage their reputation and that of the church or for whom they are working.

I attest to the fact that I have found these Christian principles will work for any leader in any setting. As we enter into a new political season, I would like to see two traits that our political leader would have. I would hope this coming January we have elected political leaders who would listen to their constituents and second, they would tell the truth. I believe one’s integrity and morality is a must. It ought to be a characteristic of every Christian. Some of the things I have seen from both parties have been deplorable.

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