Learning Your Life’s Purpose And Plan For Life

Scripture tells us that God knew us before we were conceived. We were then born with a plan for life and we are given a purpose for our lives. I have been told that parents who pray for their children’s purpose and direction in life, most knew what their purpose and life plans were. Many Christian children knew what they wanted to be from the very beginning. Whereas, most college students have no idea what direction they want to go when they enroll.

Normally, children just grow up. We go through grade school and enter high school. We get a driver’s license, finish school and possibly get married. We then start the cycle over again for our children. How often do we stop and think: what is my purpose in life and what direction should I be taking? Why have I been put on this earth? I am told that many older people close to death often wonder what their purpose on earth was and did they fulfill it? Wouldn’t it be better to know why God put us on this earth and then live for years accomplishing that purpose? When our final day comes we can say we did our best to fulfill our purpose and helped others succeed while we were here. I know some parents whose greatest achievement in life was raising their family. Because of them, their children made the world a much better place.

Romans 8:28 “And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.”

What does it mean: we have been called according to God’s purpose? Rick Warren in his book: “The purpose driven life” shared what he believed God’s purpose for each of us was and I paraphrase:
1. To worship God and develop a relationship with Him.
2. To love and fellowship with other believers in our community.
3. To know Christ and become like Him.
4. To serve God through the church.
5. To become a minister for Christ and share the gospel.

God’s purpose for each one of us is to become a part of His family. As a member of His family He has shared how His children are to live and behave. Everything we do is to prepare us for the family reunion that will take place when we get together in heaven.

How are we going to live? At birth I have been given certain rights. I can choose any path I wish to travel. Do I travel alone or do I follow God’s guidance? As Christians, saved by grace, we can take with us the Holy Spirit. It is kind of like; do I want to go to sea with or without a compass? Am I so self-centered that I am unwilling to accept any help?

Our purpose on earth is to develop an unconditional love for God and others and have a servant’s heart. As we head down life’s path our carnal nature, our self-centeredness, the storms we encounter and the devil’s seducing spirits will try to guide us too often onto the wrong paths. That’s when we check our compass, the Holy Spirit, and make sure we stay directed to the path that leads to the ultimate goal, which is living with God and Christ forever. When we take that last breath, what is the most important thing we can take with us? Is it all of our material things that we have accumulated? Or, is it eternal security? Since there are so many death-bed conversions we must believe it is eternal security with Christ.

Matthew 6:20 “But store up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where moth and rust do not destroy, and where thieves do not break in and steal.” Do you want to pass on with nothing stored up in heaven? Pray that God will help you live for the purpose you were created.

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