Is our administration leading us away from God?

The purpose of this writing is to prove that God has used the nation of Israel to prove that He was God and that the Bible was 100% inspired by Him. I hope to show the difference between what the Christian Bible states that God made a covenant with Abraham, Isaac and Jacob that He would make them into a great nation and give them the land that they are now occupying. Whereas, Muslims believe the covenant was with Abraham and Ishmael, Isaac’s half-brother or with Esau, Jacob’s brother. As a result, Muslim’s believe that God’s land covenant is not with Israel but with them. Therefore, they must destroy Israel or the Koran or Quran and Mohammed are in error.

I believe that God has made some promises that He must keep. We know our God is a God of justice. If He said that He would curse any nation that cursed Israel, He must stand by that promise. I also believe severe weather conditions, as a result of rejecting Israel, have cost American lives and billions of dollars in destroyed property. These disasters at times occurred on the same day that an American president or his administration was demanding that Israel give up some of its covenant land to the Palestinians many descendants of Esau.

Initially, President Truman was the first, of any nation, to immediately recognize Israel as a state in 1948. With the exception of President Reagan most presidents have accepted Israel as an ally and not necessarily as a nation with a covenant from God. The first president to begin demanding Israel to give up their covenanted land was George H. W. Bush. Presidents Clinton and George Bush continued to require Israel to cede land to the Palestinians. It appears that President Obama may be the first truly anti-Semitic president with a bias toward the Muslims. I assume this through his actions toward Muslim countries, the Palestinians and his treatment of Israel.

I remind you of the above in order to point out that God has an obligation to curse America according to Genesis 12:3. It seems that the way God gets His point across is through natural disasters, such as: tornadoes, earthquakes, hurricanes and flooding. Again, I am not saying that every earthquake, volcano eruption or tornado is a result of God punishing a nation. Not every nation is anti Israel yet they have these types of natural disasters. But I have been very concerned with our present administration’s relationship with Israel. What might we do to stop the necessity of God having to curse America? My belief is: what if the U.S. had a spiritual revival and we as a nation turned to God as Israel would often do when they would go through times when God would punish them for their rebellion and immorality.

I turned to a Christian friend and asked: “How much do you rely on prayer and the Holy Spirit?” I was talking to a person who has been a Christian for many years about the world problems in general. It didn’t take long before I asked him about how the Holy Spirit was working in his life. It was kind of like: “Well I have the Holy Spirit, but what do you mean?” I replied: “Do you realize the power that is within you having God’s Spirit to direct and check you?” He answered: “I know the Holy Spirit is in me because the Bible is very clear about that. But what are you getting at?” I told him: “What do you think the Holy Spirit is in you to do? Don’t you believe that God’s Spirit wants to help you just as much as you would want to help your own children? The Bible is very clear that salvation allows us to become adopted into God’s family and a part of God comes to live within us.”

I wanted to make sure he understood God promises if we pray to Him, He will answer our prayers. I asked how do you think our prayers will be answered if the Holy Spirit doesn’t communicate to us nor doesn’t make what is needed to happen? Our whole conversation was about realizing the power of prayer and the power of the Holy Spirit that is within us and how it can change circumstances.

I wonder just how many Christians realize the power of prayer. James 5:16 – “The prayer of a righteous man is powerful and effective.” Yet, it seems like too few people realize that prayer can really change things. Why am I pointing this out? I believe we are living in a time that our only hope for America is that we start praying that God will intercede for us. It is apparent our leaders are leading us away from God. I can’t see a whole lot of difference between the Old Testament Jews who rebelled and ignored God and the U.S. As Jews prayed and changed their lives and lived for God, they prospered. Praying Christians could also make a difference. However, it seems we have the power of the Holy Spirit within us and yet we ignore or do not realize what God wants to do through us. The power of the Holy Spirit within us is being ignored by too many Christians.

The “Tea Party” was making a difference politically. But how do we get Christians to go to their knees and pray to God that the hearts of Americans soften and allow the Holy Spirit to change their lives. If God is in control, as I believe He is, don’t you believe it would be easier to get God to change things than to try to change politicians who appear to be steadfast in their progressive beliefs?

Do you believe America would change if every believing Christian would take a few minutes each day to pray that God would soften the hearts of unbelievers and they would accept Christ as their Savior and begin living according to God’s “will”? Go back 60 years when we had a completely different America. Most people do not realize the difference between living in a truly Christian nation and in a nation with decreasing allegiance to God. There is absolutely no way we can get back to where we were through politics. The only answer is through God’s intervention and changed lives and that requires prayer. So I ask again: is the power within us being ignored?

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