Scripture says our attitude will influence the outcome in the decisions we make. Are you a positive or negative thinker or somewhere in between? Do you have a problem trusting God, accepting His promises or do you hear an inner voice predicting only bad things are going to happen? Do we concentrate on what Scripture tells us or do we listen to what Satan is saying, who wants to defeat us?

How important is your attitude? Our attitude can be our most important role in determining our future. How do we respond to any given situation, particularly a serious problem? We have many attitudes toward many things. We may have a favorable attitude toward blue and a negative attitude toward gray. We also have an attitude or philosophy toward life. You may dwell on the unpleasant things or see things through rose colored glasses. The world is not perfect and life presents many hindrances. You may be faced with a divorce, loss of job, a financial disaster or health problems. Different people may handle each in various ways. As bad as the situation may be, worry will drain one’s energy and possibly cause unhealthy conditions.

Having been in management for many years and having worked with between three and four thousand employees I came across a book by James P. Owens—“Cowboy Ethics: What Wall Street Can Learn From the Code of the West.” He lists 10 things that will make most anyone successful in business or life.
1. Live each day with courage
2. Take pride in your work
3. Always finish what you start
4. Do what has to be done
5. Be tough, but be fair
6. When you must make a promise, keep it
7. Ride hard for the brand
8. Talk less, say more
9. Remember that some things aren’t for sale
10. Know where to draw the line

The more we study the Bible and become more spiritual and Christ-like the greater is our motivation, we are more energized, enthused and it usually raises our productivity. We have a greater commitment to following the teachings of Christ. We become more trusting and obedient to the commandments of God. As our attitudes changes we learn to love rather than hate, to forgive rather than be unforgiving. As our spiritual condition gradually changes our perspectives on life should change. We can overcome the hindrances of being critical, jealous, greedy, prideful, unbelief, and lustful.

Stress can kill! Negative attitudes have a tendency to produce stress. Our attitude determines what we see in life. What we think is who we are and what we become. What are two very important points found in the Bible? It is having a life filled with peace and joy. Joy and peace produce healthy bodies. Lack of joy and peace produce unhealthy bodies. Having participated in sports and as a coach I found those with normal positive attitudes healed quicker than those who were more negative. I don’t think most realize the importance of having a positive, Christ-like attitude when it comes to health issues. Christ-like attitudes do not guarantee healthy lives but it improves the possibilities.

Climbing the ladder of success, people sometimes find themselves between joy and terror—the joy of accomplishment and the terror of failing. This is the kind of energy that eats holes in the stomach and brings on chest pains.

I have handled cheating employees, shoplifters, thieves, frauds and various hostile acts of nature, such as high winds, water damage and power failures. But because the Holy Spirit is my partner, I’ve not had to handle any of these situations alone. He is with me when a robber aims a six-shooter at me. He is with me when the roof caves in and when the stock market crashes. It’s the difference between crouching in a foxhole and scared or sitting in it with the Joint Chief of Staff beside you.

I John 5:14–15 “This is the confidence we have in approaching God: that if we ask anything according to his will, he hears us. And if we know that he hears us—whatever we ask—we know that we have what we asked of him.”

I found the American dream was available to those who realized that it won’t be given to them; it had to be earned. I received a degree in business management. I read many books on the power of positive thinking. I studied management principles and went to numerous seminars to improve my skills. The one book that has helped me the most is studying the Bible. One thing I learned was preparation. It was one key to success. I also learned the importance of trusting in God’s promises. I became aware that the Holy Spirit was given to us that we might have comfort, guidance and a purpose in life. The Bible taught me to become free from the ways of society and our worldly, self-centered nature and become more Christ minded.

How many people are willing to prepare for success? It seems there are many that want to dumb-down Americans, give them entitlements and convince them the government will meet their needs. You may not need an education but you must become knowledgeable. The same is true if you want to run a mile under four minutes. It takes more than just thinking you can. Suppose you would like to be a millionaire. Is that something you pray for and expect God to give you? Becoming a millionaire should not be one’s goal. The goal is doing something that will make society a better place and there is a good chance your byproduct would be wealth.

No matter what our job is or how much we make; the Apostle Paul says we are not to do our best only when we are being watched but remember, God is watching every second through the Holy Spirit that is within us. As God is watching and the Holy Spirit guiding, why not begin believing and practicing what it takes to be a success in whatever task you have chosen? Work hard, set obtainable goals and adequately prepare. Then see where the Holy Spirit leads you. Never allow the Devil or others to discourage you as they are likely to do. God’s promise that we can become successful and prosperous by complying with His teachings is available to all believers.

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