Your birth was not an accident. God knew you before you were born. If He did not want you to live, you would not be here. He also gives you a choice: do you want to be with Him for eternity or receive the punishment that comes from those who follow Satan and the world.

Peter 1:2a “You were chosen by God the Father long ago. He knew you were to become His children. You were set apart for holy living by the Holy Spirit.” NLV

You were born with a God-given purpose. The Bible is very clear that God has a purpose for us and he created us with the abilities to fulfill whatever that purpose might be. Satan has an agenda to keep us from performing what God had intended for us. Satan plants the seeds of insecurity, low self-esteem, unworthiness and even fear to stop us from completing what God intended. He may use parents, siblings, teachers or employers to put us down. It seems he finds ways to discourage and defeat us, but only if we allow it. Most people live lives with God-given gifts that they have never developed or used. What would the world be like if we all sought God’s intended purpose and we used our God-given talents to go with it?

I began to understand that if I knew my purpose, my life would be more fulfilled. The more I studied the Bible the more I began to realize that my purpose was to develop a Christ-like personality, which I will try to describe. I had to be a risk taker, be flexible, capable of loving others, be teachable, and become transformational; we must not be stubborn. I had to get rid of negative thinking, be forgiving, not hateful or self-centered.

One thing I learned was the importance of preparation that the Apostle Paul continually stressed. It was the key to success. I learned the seriousness of trusting in God’s promises. I became aware that the Holy Spirit was given to us that we might have confidence and comfort in what we were doing, a guiding hand to do it well and to know when we were fulfilling God’s purpose in our life. God had opened doors through which we could chose to enter. Yes, there will be times that doors are slammed shut and probably keep us from going in the wrong direction.

Normally as children we just grow up. We go through grade school and enter high school. We get a driver’s license, finish school and possibly get married. We then start the cycle over again for our children. How often do we stop and think: what is my purpose in life and what direction should I be taking? Why have I been put on this earth?

I am told that many older people, close to death, often wonder what their purpose on earth was and did they fulfill it? Wouldn’t it be better to know why God put us on this earth and then live for years accomplishing that purpose? When our final day comes we can say we did our best to fulfill our purpose and helped others succeed while we were here. I know some parents whose greatest achievement in life was raising their family. Because of them, their children made the world a much better place.

Romans 8:28 “And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.”

What does it mean: we have been called according to God’s purpose? Rick Warren in his book: “The purpose driven life” shared what he believed God’s purpose for each of us was and I paraphrase:

1. To worship God and develop a relationship with Him.
2. To love and fellowship with other believers in our community.
3. To know Christ and become like Him.
4. To serve God through the church.
5. To become a minister for Christ and share the gospel.

We continue defining our purpose: It is to develop an unconditional love for God and others and have a servant’s heart. As we head down life’s path our carnal nature, our self-centeredness, the storms we encounter and the devil’s seducing spirits will try to guide us too often onto the wrong paths. That’s when we check our compass, the Holy Spirit, and make sure we stay directed to the path that leads to the ultimate goal, which is living with God and Christ forever. When we take that last breath, what is the most important thing we can take with us? Is it all of our material things that we have accumulated? Or, is it eternal security?

Do you think God created you to be a failure? In the Bible Jesus picked out very ordinary people to be His Apostles. He picked out fishermen and common people and not the religious leaders to illustrate that we can become more than we believe possible. Success is not about how much material wealth we accumulate or how much we know. True success is about whom we become, our character and the positive influence we have on others. Wealthy people tell us that wealth does not guarantee happiness. Would you consider a very unhappy person a successful Christian?

One thing Scripture tells us was that the men Christ picked did not become successful until they had received the Holy Spirit. Before that, they were slow learners, lacked faith, they were fearful, denied Him and were little different from others. Their success was a result of living their lives according to what God wanted, what the Holy Spirit told them to do and gave them the power to do it. They lived their lives in accordance to what God and Christ wanted and not what they wanted. Of course, they had a different mission and plan than we have been given. However, we should be just as dedicated in accepting God’s plan for us over want we think is best. That doesn’t take away our free moral agency to chose. Regardless of what we choose, will it allow us to be available to be His servant in His ministry?

Matthew 6:20 “But store up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where moth and rust do not destroy, and where thieves do not break in and steal.” Do you want to pass on with nothing stored up in heaven? Pray that God will help you live for the purpose you were created.

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     /  January 14, 2016

    Your quotes of Romans 8:28 and Matthew 6:20 are from the NIV. I couldn’t find the (1) Peter 1:2a translation.

    A Berean
    (Acts 17:10,11)


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