The Antichrist cannot rule the world if Americans have guns to protect themselves. Satan must destroy capitalism in America in order to take world-wide control. Do you believe refugees are coming for any other reason than preparing the world to get ready for the Antichrist? Study Bible prophecy and you could reach these beliefs.

How long do you have to listen to political leaders worldwide, until you realize they deny the existence of the Biblical God as our Creator? How many universities teach evolution rather than creation? What about the media, do they stress American patriotism? We are lead to believe there is no reason to respect immigration laws and customs enforcement. We cannot trust our government to run the IRS, GSA, (General Services Admin.), EPA, the VA or the Secret Service. We deny God by promoting man-made global warming or climate change. The real goal is to eliminate prosperous economies that became wealthy through free markets. They want to reward poorer nations that are impoverished by policies that don’t work and basically they want to reshape the world with socialistic ideas. We are using political correctness as Satan’s tool in preparation for a one-world-government. What don’t we understand?

Both Democrat and Republican leaders have recommended preparing for a one-world-government. President Bush 41 was in favor of it and was requiring Israel to make peace with Palestine and give up portions of their land. Why do so many want to see Trump become president? They believe he will protect them and he will make America safe. This is what the Bible says the Antichrist will do for the world. Doesn’t it seem unusual that America would select our current president with a Shiite Muslim background, whose assistant, Valerie Jarrett, was born in Iran, and possibly has a Shiite Muslim background also? Both supposedly, were taught a hatred for capitalism and the American way of life? Regardless of their beliefs, America is no longer a major player in the Middle East. There is a question, to some understanding prophecy, if America will be involved in the end times. Is God now allowing Satan to begin taking control, at this time, as the Bible says will happen in the end time?

It is very possible that World War III takes place. At that time 1/3 of the population will be killed. Those remaining will look for a person who can guarantee peace forever. This is how the Antichrist may be accepted.

Read the 13th chapter of Revelation as it describes the Antichrist. We believe he will come from the Old Roman Empire or the Middle East. Satan will give him the power and control to draw the world to him. There will be a satanic evil world system that will manifest itself during the end times. This world leader will have a magnetic personality and will have a devastating effect on believers who will be mislead. We must be careful in trying to identify a specific person. His nature is that of Satan. He will have passions, unusual instincts and the intellect of a genius. He will be able to do whatever he desires and be so powerful that opposing him will be futile. All nations on earth will serve him. Only those who have his mark or possibly a RFID (radio-frequency identification) chip on their bodies will be able to buy or sell.

Can we not see what is occurring, as Americans are allowing this to happen? These leaders believe that everyone on earth can become equal. There would be a redistribution of wealth. There would no longer be wars. Everyone would have to live by the same laws and rules. The Antichrist will not only be the head of government, he will be the government, speak for it, think for it and decide for it.

Christians who believe in Replacement Theology believe that the Bible’s promises, given to Israel by God, no longer apply and the promises are now for the Christian church. They are anti-Semitic and anti-Israel. In addition, the separation of church and state group would allow the Antichrist to establish a world religion with the Antichrist the one to be worshiped. That would be a religion not believing in our God, Christ or the Holy Spirit but the Antichrist as god. The religion would be dictated by the False Prophet and everyone would be required to worship the Antichrist.

The Antichrist and the False Prophet will persuade the world to accept their false teachings. The Antichrist will imitate Christ’s resurrection. Many will accept him to be the messiah who Israel has been waiting to receive. They expected the Messiah to rule the world and allow them everlasting peace. This is the reason we believe they will be willing to sign a peace treaty. The Antichrist will be given the ability to duplicate miracles that Christ performed. He will tell the world everything the Jews believed Christ should have done but didn’t. Satan has the ability for signs and wonders that they will believe he is the greatest leader the world has ever known. The temptation to believe in this leader will be overwhelming. Many believe that while this is going on, much of America will be destroyed.

Revelation 13:5–6 “The beast was given a mouth to utter proud words and blasphemies and to exercise its authority for forty-two months. It opened its mouth to blaspheme God, and to slander his name and his dwelling place and those who live in heaven.”

For 3½ years he will be able to do anything he wants so he blasphemed God and the church in heaven. He will have united all nations and all religions under his authority. To merge Moslems, Hindus, Catholics, Protestants, etc., will take a tremendous personality that only the Antichrist and the False Prophet have. This authority will be allowed by God for those 3½ years.

Revelation 13:8 “All inhabitants of the earth will worship the beast—all whose names have not been written in the Lamb’s book of life, the Lamb who was slain from the creation of the world.”

Do you understand the need for gun control, destruction of a capitalistic economy, man-made global warming, preparation for a one-world government and nations without borders? This is what the Bible says will happen in the end times. Do you recognize that it appears that some of this is now taking place? We are in the beginning and no one knows exactly when all this takes place, just that we can see it coming. Are you able to believe? If not, you may be one who accepts and believes the Antichrist!!!

If you want verification, read chapter 24 of Matthew and the Book of Revelation, particularly chapter 13. To learn about the next war in the Middle East, read Ezekiel chapters 38 & 39. It tells how Russia or Turkey will lead a number of Muslim nations to attack Israel. Remember, Israel just discovered a huge oil resource in the Golan Heights, previously Syria’s territory. Will Israel get to keep it or will they be attacked?

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