Why Is It So Hard For Many To Believe God Exists?

I told my family that my grandfather at the age of seven was logging with his father and brother. A log rolled over him and mashed him into the ground and mashed his chest. It broke his ribs, one shoulder and an arm was badly broken. His father took him home on horseback. His mother laid him on the floor by the door so he could get air and breathe. He was hemorrhaging badly from his nose and mouth. His father rode seven miles to get a doctor to come to their home.

The doctor came, shook his head and said: I can’t do anything for the child, for there are bones penetrating the lungs.” His mother said: “He will live and make a preacher. She got a sheet, tore it into strips some four to six inches wide and asked the doctor to help her wrap him up, pressing his body back to about the right shape and fixing his arm as best she could. The doctor shed tears and went away. He later heard others say: “He will never be strong.”

He said there were times he was conscious and other times unconscious. He remembered his mother on her knees praying and asking God to spare his life and she said she would do her best to see that He preached the Gospel.

It was two years later before he could go to school and play with the other boys. His arm was misshapen for three or four years. His mother would pray, rub his arm and by using it, it came out all right. God healed him and he became a very normal teenager. At the age of 19 he was converted and felt lead to become a minister of the gospel. His entire adult life he farmed and on Sunday’s preached. He and my grandmother raised a family with ten children.

Just think: there would not be 100s of us if he had not lived. This is also the reason many of us have accepted there is a God. Our parents believed that if my grandfather did not have a mother who prayed and believed God would heal him, he may not have lived?

Many Christians too often feel they know best and there is no need to listen to the Holy Spirit for guidance. Too many times we want to change God’s plan for us, for we know what is best. Or we do not feel worthy enough that God has a purpose or plan for us. How many Christians start each day by praying and meditating asking for God to guide them throughout the day? Do we live as if there is no God or that we can do without His help?
Do we understand why God allows problems or trials to confront us so that we will pray asking for His assistance in solving the trials? I suppose if we went through a supernatural experience as my grandfather, we would be a more serious Christian. At least our faith and trusting that He will help, would improve.

Throughout Biblical history God has done everything to prove that He was Who He said He was. If the Jews rebelled, He would stop it from raining. When they would worship him, they would become prosperous. However, the more prosperous they became the less they believed they needed God and would stop worshipping Him.

Proverbs 23:7a – “For as he thinks in his heart, so is he.” What we think about is who we are. How much time do we give to God? Is the only time we think of God and pray is at meal time? Can we not see why many people do not believe they need a God?

Then consider, Satan is the great deceiver, divider and destroyer. Satan attacks the carnal nature of man with tempting lusts and worldly pleasures. The Holy Spirit inspires our spirit and soul to become more Christ-like. Who are the majority of people listening to? If you are listening to Satan you may find it easy to deny there is a God.

Recently, I was talking to my doctor and discussion of the Bible came up. He told me that a number of his patients were atheists. They reject the belief that God exists. They do not believe there are any deities. I find this so hard to understand because I have witnessed so many supernatural experiences that have proved to me God exists and He has opened doors in my life and He has closed doors. I believe, were it not for God’s healing power, I would not be alive today. I have had severe heart attacks since 1984 and cancer since 1997. Once I was given only a 10% chance of living through bypass surgery. When I was having my health issues, I am glad that I knew God’s presence was with me. Many were praying that I would be healed. What do atheists do when they face severe health issues?

I am thankful for a grandfather who prayed daily for his children and his grandchildren. I do the same because I have a God that loves me and answers my prayers.

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