Most people do not realize they were born with a purpose for life and neither seek it or find it. Everyone has been given a temperament and that temperament determines what jobs we will do well or not so well. There are certain things that motivate us and many that do not. The Bible says love is the greatest of all motivators.

The Bible says we are to love God with all of our strength and others as ourselves. What if Scripture were to say that love is the greatest motivator and you must learn how to love to be successful in life? Therefore, you must learn to love God, your Creator and learn how to love others. If you do this, you will be richly rewarded in every way. If everyone accepted, we would live in a very different society.

The chances of being successful are greater if we love what we are doing. As a head coach in football, basketball and baseball in a Christian high school, I saw that an athlete who loved the game played much better than one who only wanted to win or do well. The person who loved the game spent hours practicing trying to improve themselves. Many only did what was necessary. The same requirement was for the coach. A good coach learned to solve problems. He loved to encourage and improve his players. His job was to spot problems and get them corrected, both with individuals and as a team. If you love your job you will always be trying to improve it. If you don’t love it, who cares?

I entered college wanting to major in accounting and become a CPA. This was before computers and calculators. The first course was basic accounting and this was what I wanted. The next semester I took Income Tax Accounting and Cost Accounting. It took hours of preparation. I discovered quickly, this was not my temperament or my God-given purpose. My second year, my major became Business Management with minors in Education and Economics. I may have even hated being a CPA and chances for success would have been limited. I have had hundreds of employees who thought: “I need to earn an income and this job was available”. If that is you, start looking for a job that you could learn to love.

Every job I have had, there were problems. I learned that one of my purposes in life was in solving problems. Often there are problems in churches that need to be solved. Most just want to ignore them. Many churches we have belonged to realized their mission was to spread the gospel and help people to accept Christ as their Savior. Their actions seemed to say: “If you are not okay, you are not welcome.” They were very good people but often legalistic, self-righteous and judgmental. If you had not been a Christian for a time, you just did not fit in.

Sitting in an Elder’s meeting, our senior pastor Jud said he had attended a meeting and heard a person say: “We should be saying its okay to not be okay.” This had been our churches problem. Who was Jesus preaching too? It was not the religious leaders but sinners. It gave us a different understanding in how to spread the gospel and win people to Christ. We needed to be saying, we love you as you are and you are welcome. Once a non-believer accepts Christ, with the Holy Spirit’s guidance and Bible courses, they change and live according to Christ’s teaching. Our people became less judgmental and legalistic and more loving. People need to be loved and not shunned if you are going to win them.

Do you think God created you to be a failure? In the Bible Jesus picked out very ordinary people to be His Apostles. He picked out fishermen and common people and not the religious leaders to illustrate that we can become more than we believe possible. Success is not about how much material wealth we accumulate or how much we know. True success is about whom we become, our character and the positive influence and love we have for others. We will know success when we find what we are doing is something that we compassionately love to do.

One thing Scripture tells was that the men Christ picked did not become successful until they had received the Holy Spirit. Before that, they were slow learners, lacked faith, they were fearful, denied Him and were little different from others. Their success was a result of living their lives according to what God wanted, what the Holy Spirit told them to do and gave them the power to do it. They lived their lives in accordance to what God and Christ wanted and not what they wanted. Of course, they had a different mission and plan than we have been given. However, we should be just as dedicated in accepting God’s plan for us over what we think is best. That doesn’t take away our free moral agency to chose. Regardless of what we choose, will it allow us to be available to be His servant in His ministry?

The Holy Spirit can do for every Christian what He did for the Apostles and Christ’s disciples described in the Bible. It takes surrendering of our self-centeredness and living the example Christ set for us. We have been given the same Holy Spiritual power that they received. That power, in many Christians, is power that is misdirected and unfocused and this is some of the difference between them and us.

If you want to be successful, discover your God-given purpose and it all starts with learning how to love God and others and then, do what you would love to do. Prior to 1903 there had never been an airplane. The Wright brothers saw a problem and loved finding the solution. Henry Ford developed the assembly line for his Ford cars. Don’t you believe he loved changing the world? If you hate what you do, chances are you will not leave a favorable legacy.

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