In a financial paper that I just read stated that some believers who dislike America’s fiscal policies so much that they will do whatever it takes to change our capitalistic system and individual freedoms. Their goal is to establish a new world under the control of the United Nations. They have admitted that man’s carbon dioxide emissions are dangerously challenging the climate, to use in destroying capitalism. They believe global warming is the issue that will cause America to change into a socialistic nation. They are using academics and the mainstream media to push their agenda. After twenty years the earth has not followed the climate change model that they have been predicting.  Recently heard that President Obama will be running for Secretary General of the UN in early 2017.  This gives us a better understanding of his governing policies.

Israel will have been in existence since May 1948. After the Temple and Jerusalem was destroyed in 70 A.D. Tens of thousands of Jews were killed and the rest were scattered through the world. Rainfall decreased and the land became a desert. When Mark Twain visited Israel in 1867 He said it was the most desolate place in the world. He related that you could travel for miles not seeing a person.

After the Jews began returning to Israel after World War II rainfall began to increase. They developed an irrigation system and today they export foods, vegetables and citrus fruits to other nations. Did the land become a desert because of man-made causes, since there was no one living there? Did the rainfall increase because of something man did?

Do you believe that God can make it rain? Do you believe that Jesus caused the storm to cease when He and His disciples were in a boat on the Sea of Galilee? Do you believe God can cause draughts or grant abundant prosperity? Then why would you believe in man-made global warming or climate change?

The United States has potential to be the most prosperous nation we have ever been. We could be so militarily powerful that we could cause complete peace in the world. Financially we could help every suffering nation have clean air, water, and the latest medical provisions and spread the gospel to every person in the world.

Can you see why Satan does not want the United States to take advantage of our capitalistic economic system? If you were a political leader with about one million dollars and knew you could make one-half billion by promoting global warming, would you do so? One politician did! Remember when Satan tempted Jesus and offered him the world if He would worship him? I wonder: are there any politicians that would accept that offer today if Satan were to offer it. Or what would they be willing to do for money? I believe Satan has deceived a lot of people. As the morality of the world gets worse, Satan will deceive many who are religious to reject God’s Commandments and ways of living. If you don’t see the decaying morality that is happening today, you have not been watching TV or reading the evening news.

I believe we are living in the end times and Satan does not want you to believe it. If you thought that within a few years the world would end as we know it, would you change if you thought there was a slight chance you could end up in hell? If everyone believed we were at the end, we would not have enough churches to handle the crowds. Satan—the great deceiver! He wouldn’t want that. Presently, he is preparing the Antichrist to take over and rule the world and we are submissively allowing it to happen in order to be politically correct.

President Obama believes that he saved America from a second great depression. As a result, we should be grateful. But job growth and his polices have caused the worst recovery after any recession in the past fifty years. If you believe we are headed toward much greater economic growth, the chances are slim. The President blames Republicans for not allowing him to borrow more so that he can spend more on social programs and shovel-ready projects. He doesn’t believe Washington has borrowed and spent enough money. This is why the first quarter only grew by .2%.

Having been in business for many years, it doesn’t take a genius to realize that there are things that can be done to turn this fabulous nation around economically. We need to develop a plan to increase productivity and real growth. He has been told to lower corporate taxes which are the highest in the world. He should know by now that building the Keystone Pipeline would create high-paying jobs. There needs to be some repealing of anti-employment features in the ObamaCare health care plan. Another would be getting control of the EPA which would save many jobs and give opportunities to open new businesses. We have previously read estimates that at least one trillion dollars in extra expenses is what all of the needless regulations cost each year. What if that money was spent on businesses expanding?

We need to get rid of thousands of useless regulatory rules that keep businesses from expanding and increasing costs making products more costly. Over a period of years we could probably reduce at least 25% of these regulations and reduce thousands of bureaucrats. We have enough rules to control most every need someone can envision.

Our local Ward’s store became a test for the entire national chain. Every person selling big ticket items on commissions was given a salary and commissions were discontinued. I objected vehemently with no luck. It didn’t take long for sales to decrease drastically. After many meetings, we convinced the need to have an incentive structure. We went back to commissions and sales began to increase significantly.

This is the problem with welfare, food stamps and other social programs. There is no incentive to do anything but sit on a sofa and watch TV. We are reading where there are all kinds of jobs available but there is no incentive to want to work. In addition, we are not educating our young people to qualify for many of the jobs that are open. The answer is not to throw more money at the problem or increase socialism.

We will never get real growth until we get people back to work, earning a livable wage with incentives to get raises and promotions. This will not happen until American’s attitudes become much more positive that the country is headed in the right direction, the direction we have pursued for over 200 years. Following Satan’s agenda is changing the culture of the U. S., and there are too many uninformed people that are gullible enough to accept what the false teachers are preaching. So when you hear them talking global warming or climate change, remember they are promoting socialism or communism. To them it is a religion.

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