Does God allow crises to happen to provide us with opportunities?  How we deal with a serious situation depends on our attitude and whether we see it as a problem or an opportunity.  God provides different challenges to build our faith and give us an experience for future situations requiring a correct response. 

Have you faced a hopeless condition and God provided, through the Holy Spirit, guidance to solve what was troubling you?  Have you ever had that “gut feeling” and failed to recognize that it was God’s guidance?  We need to realize that the Holy Spirit, in the life of a Christian, is with them 24/7.  Have you learned to seek His guidance and expect His help?

If you believe God places His Spirit in our life to help us improve, do you sense being helped?  I think most Christians, at times, wonder if they really have the Holy Spirit in their lives.  There was a time I wondered.  I knelt and thought about all the things that had changed in my life.  It did not take long before there was no doubt my life would have been very different had I not received His Spirit when I was converted.

I believe because of God’s love, it is His plan to continually improve the life of a Christian.  If we understand this, we need to allow Him to continually prepare us for His future plan for our life.  Once we except that God has a plan for us, we need to get out of the way and allow Him to challenge us if a crisis is necessary to prepare us. 

Have you ever faced a difficult problem and asked God why He allowed it to happen?  Have you asked yourself if you have been obedient to His Ways and are you living to please Him?   He could be trying to get you back on the right path or He is preparing you for better things ahead.  I want to say I have tried to live a holy life and therefore, God must have something better for me that will benefit my future.  God tells us He is on our side and either way, He is there to help us improve.   If I were to continually and deliberately sin plus being disobedient, I might sense it as discipline.  How else would He get my attention to change my ways than to present a sudden crisis. 

Romans 8:28 – “all things work together for good to those who love God, who; or that in all things God works together with those who love him to bring about what is good.”  If you have encountered a serious problem have you believed that God wants to work with you to bring about what will be good for you?  God is in control of all things and sometimes He allows the devil to tempt us if the consequence will build our faith and benefit us. 

We must always remember that God’s Ways are not our ways.  His Ways are always better than our ways.  God, through the Holy Spirit, is continually involved in our lives.  His Ways are always to confront, challenge and encourage us His children.  We must see and approach life from His perspective.  What would Jesus do? 

My character has been shaped over the years by listening to the Holy Spirit.    Like most, I still have a ways to go.  But more good things have happened than bad things and I believe there is a reason for that.  When an unusual situation occurs, if it is beneficial I praise and thank God.  If it is a negative experience I ask for His help and what can I learn from it. 

So many Christians feel unworthy and that God is not involved in their lives.  If that is you, you are missing His help because you do not have a personal relationship with Him.  This also causes a faith problem.  We are told faith is what pleases God.  Stress to yourself that God, through Christ, makes you worthy and God doesn’t have any unworthy children.  He blesses us regardless of our past baggage once we make Christ the Lord of our life.  In fact, it may be possible, that more help is given to those with the worst past because they need the most help.  Who was it that Jesus helped and spent the most time with: Was it the sinner or the religious community?  It was the sick that needed a doctor and not the healthy. 

If you are not a Christian and have rejected Christ and God, this information will not work for you.  Just realize what you are missing. 

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