What Do You Say When Asked To Testify About GOD?

Rarely do I have dreams. Last night I dreamed I was working with two young men and we took a break. These two I had never met previously yet, it seemed I knew both very well. One was a person who seemed to be just drifting in life without purpose or direction. He did not know if there was a God or if there was life after death. The other was raised a Mormon and had accepted Christ as his Savior. Why he was a Mormon didn’t seem important to the dream other than it seemed he had his spiritual life together.

The young man who seemed to be drifting in life asked me: “What convinces you there is life after death”? My panic reaction was: what do I say and where do I start. At this point, I wake up and it is just after 2:00 a.m. From then until I got up, I was trying to answer the question by determining: Where do I start and what do I say?

My first thought was: That could have been me until I was converted at age 22. This is where I was, just drifting without a plan or knowing that God created each of us with a purpose. My next thought: This is most people, living without purpose or a plan just drifting along accepting whatever comes, completely uninformed about life and what is happening surrounding them. My next thought was, this is why Christ commissioned His disciples to go throughout the world providing knowledge that these questions can be answered so it can change a person’s life. I know it completely changed my life when I accepted there was a God and He had a plan as to how I should live and I accepted Christ as my Savior.

In my meditation I kept asking God to have the Holy Spirit tell me how I was to answer these two questions: How do I know there is a God and is there life after death? When I started going to church at age 21, I heard enough sermons to convince me that there could be a God and if there was one I had better change my ways. Once I was “saved” I kept getting checked within about what to do and what not to do. Four years in the Navy I smoked. After being discharged I continually tried to stop but couldn’t. I planned to go to college and participate in sports. I knew this addiction had to stop. Once I was saved, I never smoked again. Using bad language also stopped. There was no doubt that I had received the Holy Spirit because the changes that took place I could never have done without the Holy Spirit’s help.

The more I read my Bible and prayed the more knowledgeable I became. The more information I gained the easier it was to increase my faith. The more faith I had, the more I was able to trust what God promised in Scripture would happen. As my faith and trust grew, the more “God Things” happened. I saw doors opening and doors closing. I had planned on going to a public university and the doors open for me to attend a Christian college. I participated in sports and was asked to coach at a Christian High School while I finished my senior year. While in college I went to work my second summer for Birds Eye Frozen Foods. In two years I was the night foreman.

While in college I was asked to teach a 5th & 6th grade boy’s Bible class. From then on I taught adult Bible classes for more than 35 years. I made it a practice to read the Bible from beginning to end every year. It became very easy for me to believe that there was life after death and that there was a heaven and a hell. It was not long before I could believe the Bible was accurate and it was inspired by God for our benefit. The Bible provided the answer to what was my purpose on earth and what God’s plan was for me.

God’s plan for me was to teach the gospel and help others to find Christ as their Savior. God opened doors that gave me management jobs and helped me develop leadership abilities. This helped me as I was on a number of church boards and on city committees, plus service organizations. I helped three churches relocate and build larger buildings. Knowing God’s purpose for my life changed my personality and my temperament. I was no longer a drifter but a person with a passion, loving what I was doing for the Lord as a lay-leader and teacher.

In 2008, three of us decided to write a book called: “God and the Bottom Line.” It was about being a Christian in the workplace and how to become a leader and an example for God. March 2009, our publisher insisted that I write a Christian blog. My first reaction was—no way! It was stated that, if you want the book published, you need to blog. March 2009, I started writing two Christian blogs a week. This is blog #544! I could never have done it without the Holy Spirit continually putting thoughts into my mind. It has been an unbelievable experience. I have had readers from over 100 nations reading these blogs. My continual reading of Scripture and teaching Bible classes has provided the knowledge to allow me to fulfill my purpose of spreading God’s message to others. Part of that message is: Yes—there is life after death and I plan on spending eternity with God. Christ said that He was going to prepare a place for His followers. I cannot imagine how fantastic it is going to be. He has had almost 2000 years to work on it. Just think what Christ and God did in six days.

My trust in God’s promises that He would meet my needs allowed me to start my business 27 years ago. It was started with no monthly income. It took two years before I could financially pay my monthly bills. Never once did I doubt God would help me build the business and He has. There was never once any fear as Christ was my partner.

Studying Bible prophecy and studying that history caused me to believe there was a God who knew the future. This has been a faith builder. I have seen too many supernatural, impossible situations become possible to realize there is a Creator. More than 50 years of experience being a Christian confirmed to me there is a God and there is life after death. I guess the best way to answer the young man’s questions would be to tell him how my life has changed and the peace I have had knowing that I had the Holy Spirit continually checking and directing my life. There is no doubt where I will spend eternity and God and Christ will be there.

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