THE BIBLE TELLS OF JOB’S DISASTERS Do you fear the future?

A Christian friend of mine that I have known for 35 years had accumulated wealth. His wife was a CEO for a corporation and they seemed to have everything. Their children were doing well and they seemed to have had every need one could want, met. He confided in me that he feared having a Job experience. It seemed to be on his mind too often. Let me give you some background on the Bible’s story of Job.

Satan came before God and claimed Job trusted God only because of the wealth God had allowed him to have. God allowed Satan to test Job by destroying his children, all of his livestock, his servants and his home. He then was covered with painful sores. His wife advised him to curse God and die (Job 2:9).

God allowed Job to be tested because He knew what Job would do but, Satan didn’t. Job had a life of prestige, was extremely wealthy and was a community leader. He had it all. He was a devoted worshipper of God and God had prospered him enormously. However, Satan caused him to fall from great riches to becoming penniless. In addition, he suffered great physical pain as Satan was trying to prove to God that people only worship Him because of God’s many blessings and prosperity.

When nothing remained for Job, he had a conversation with God. Job’s love of God never wavered through it all. He developed an even greater relationship with God. Job’s story, at that time in history, people believed that good people prospered so what sin had Job committed? If this were true, everyone would want to become a Christian and Satan’s belief would be correct. People worshipped God to become properous and

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