Christ was talking to a crowd.  He told them, as many were farmers; they could interpret weather signs but were unable to see the signs of the time.  He stated that there would be a time, prior to His return that certain things would occur.  He stressed: you must be able to interpret the signs and be prepared for there will be many who will try to deceive you.  (Luke 12:54- 56)

There will be weather problems, unusual earthquakes and starvation.  First they tried to convince us in 1974 we were headed for an ice age and now it is global warming or weather change caused by man.  The Bible tells us there will be an increase in wickedness and there will be a loss of love for our fellowman.  English speaking nations will drift into Pagan types of religions.  There will be increased devil worship.

There will come a time when nations will have the technology and nuclear armament to destroy everyone in the world as prophesized.  For our nation to believe we can talk Iran into stopping their building of a nuclear bomb, either our leaders do not understand history or have little knowledge of Bible prophecy.  The Bible says that if Christ does not return to stop the final war, there would be no one left.  We could all be destroyed.  Does that mean we should build bomb shelters?  That means our nation and the world need to repent and become more spiritual.

Another sign was for Israel to become a nation.  They are then to reach a peace agreement with Palestine and build their Temple next to the Muslim Dome of the Rock.  There will be a world war III or Armageddon as an army comes from the north to fight Israel as described in Ezekiel chapters 38 & 39.  It will be led by Gog from the land of Magog with Iran and other nations.  Gog is normally thought of as Russia but some believe it is Germany, (with the ten kings or the old Holy Roman Empire described in Revelation) and others think it is led by Turkey.  However, Israel will be protected and the army destroyed.  Those Jews living on the West Bank or Judea will be destroyed.  This is territory that the United Nations has been deemed Palestine’s land and Israel will be required to give up in their peace agreement.

Many believe that God will cause the world’s financial institutions to collapse thus causing starvation. If you have watched the world’s economies and banking problems this could be likely.  Prior to that happening we believe the Antichrist will be revealed and the mark of the beast will be required to buy or sell.  The Tribulation is a time of world punishment for the sins of men.  It isn’t some kind of a picnic.

We know that the gospel must be preached to the entire world.  Instant communications was necessary for that to happen.  Also Scripture says that God’s two Jewish witnesses who came back to life will be viewed by the world.  We are told that everyone will see Jesus return.  That has only been possible in the past few years with TV and satellites.

What Scripture tells us is to be aware of the signs predicting the beginning of the end times.  We are told to not be deceived.  Yet millions have already been deceived into believing that our capitalistic free-market system is the evil that is causing the signs to appear.  They believe that communism and socialism is the answer.  The answer is for everyone to repent of their sins and accept God’s ways.  We know that too many have hearts that will not be convinced by the Holy Spirit that Christ is the Son of God and our only hope.  Their hearts will not allow the Holy Spirit to penetrate them.  Thus, the end will come as predicted.  The reason is told often in Scripture: “You have not obeyed me.”  If you were to assess our present administration and congress, would you honestly be able to say: “They are obeying God?”  If you took a poll of the average American and asked the same question, what would their answer be?  Americans as a whole have not been obeying God.

Are you spiritually prepared to withstand the pain and suffering that will happen?  Will you be one of those who Scripture says will be deceived and lose faith?

God is a loving God and He will give one last chance for a world revival.  We are seeing this happen now in the Middle-East.  Once we begin seeing the signs take place, many will come to churches to get more information.  Then hearing the Word, many will be converted.  There will be no excuse at judgment not to have accepted Christ as their Lord.

(Judges 6:10b – “But you have not obeyed Me.”  Daniel 12:10 – “Many will be purified, made spotless and refined, but the wicked will continue to be wicked. None of the wicked will understand, but those who are wise will understand.”)

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