God has a purpose for our lives and who can stop God other than ourselves?  That doesn’t mean others won’t try but ultimately it is our choice.  Can anyone stop God from blessing us?

A few months back I wrote “Our Purpose In Life”.  It was about our God-given spiritual purpose for which we were created.  Today, I want to point out that we can have secular purposes and if we become passionate enough, it can change the direction of our lives forever.   These purposes can change many times throughout our life-time provided that we follow the Holy Spirit’s directions.  I believe God is continually preparing us for a greater purpose and enhanced challenges.  Are we willing to accept what He has planned for us?   Or, does our purpose and life plan take precedence over God’s?

Previously, I emphasized the importance of praying that God would make us aware of the purposes we were created to accomplish.  Too many Christians apparently are unaware that God has a plan and purpose for them.  They seem to lack a passion for what it is they are doing.  Or, they have a passion but have not developed enough trust in God to follow the Holy Spirit’s direction.  Negative fear is the Devil’s greatest weapon.  How often have you wanted to do something but were afraid to try?

If I had known fifty years ago what I know today, my life could have been different.  Many times wisdom and knowledge come from experience and aging.  This month I will have written my 500th blog.  It all started in March 2009.  My material comes from listening to seven sermons on TV each weekend and my pastor makes the eighth.  Thirty years ago I could not have written a paragraph that was meaningful. But I believe one of God’s purposes was for me to write a Christian blog.

May I share how it all started?  Having spent 30 years in management as a coach, production foreman for Bird’s Eye and a store manager for Montgomery Ward I felt led to pass on some of what was learned to young Christians in a book.  Las Vegas was my ninth store and the previous five years, it had never made a profit.  When I left Wards thirteen years later to start my own business, it was one of the largest and most profitable stores in the nine western states.

I had been on our church board with a friend, the late Dick Shine, who I asked if he would be interested in helping me write a book on Christian leadership.  He and his wife Carole owned a Christian book store and he was involved in reviewing books for publishers.  About every other week I would give him some notes and he would write a chapter that made sense.  After a few months the book was finished and we tried to get someone to publish it.  Every publisher rejected it.

In my new business of being an investment advisor, each month I sent out a recap of how our investments were doing.  With it I would send a half-page letter telling what I thought was happening in the stock market.  Over the years the letter became two pages every month for years.

A few years ago I felt led to redo our book on Christian leadership.  I asked a friend in our weekly Bible study group, an ex-NBA basketball player if he would help me promote the book.  One chapter was about his experience in preparing to become a professional player.  It fit very well in what Christians need to do to prepare for a leadership role.

The book was sent to a publisher who accepted.  One condition was that I would regularly write a Christian blog.  I was set up with Word Press and had my first blogs edited by the publisher before posting.

As I wrote it showed that my blogs were being read in over 100 foreign countries.  Two years ago I wrote a blog on ObamaCare and have had 5,362 people read this as of today.  The thing that amazes me most is how horrible my writing was in high school and college.  For some reason, God’s purpose was that for years I was learning how to write with my monthly business letters and my desire to share what I had learned from attending many workshops on developing leadership abilities.

For years, I have read the Bible from Genesis to Revelation that gave me background material that assisted in writing a Christian blog.  I have taught the Book of Revelation a number of times and I often write about the end times.

Were it not for the feedback that I have received from Word Press and the comments from readers I would never have believed that God’s plan was that I write anything, particularly a Christian blog.  We never know what God has planned for us and we need to continually pray that He will make us aware of what we were created to do.

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