Would You Sell Your Soul To The Devil?”

The Holy Spirit inspired me to write a blog using the above title. Having written more than 450 Christian blogs over the past 4½ years I am usually given an indication as to what I am to write. For two days I kept wondering and praying, what should I write? Is it about people who are incapable of accepting blame? I know business people and politicians that blame everything on someone else or they may say: “The Devil made me do it”. It is never them.

A person who read one of my blogs on 45 celebrities, who died at the age of 27, told me he heard about number 46 but couldn’t remember the name.

Since grade school when my teacher read the story to us on “The Devil and Daniel Webster” about a farmer who sold his soul to the Devil for ten prosperous years, I wondered: Do people sell their souls? So I began researching to determine if people actually sell their souls to the Devil and then on saying: “The Devil made me do it”?

The first thing I read is the following quote: “Former Pussycat Dolls singer and Dancing with the Stars performer Nicole Scherzinger says that to be successful in the music industry you have to sell your soul to the Devil.” I read that a number of Hollywood and music industry stars have claimed to have sold their souls. Melyssa Ford, in a video, suggests that a number of celebrities sell their souls to the Devil with contracts signed in blood. In fact, they indicate there is a number who are members of an exclusive occult. This should not surprise Christians if all I have read is factual.

As I continued my research I read, but can’t personally confirm, that Kanye West, Katy Perry, Eminem, Bob Dylan, Tupac and others have openly admitted to selling their souls. You may have noticed many references to Satanism in song lyrics and videos from some of our biggest artists. These songs are being pushed on our children who watch Nickelodeon and Disney channels. The Hip Hop industry is being exposed for its association with the occult. Some studies indicate that those being heavy into porn open themselves up to demons.

On the 700 Club, as I remember, a young man tells of a time at 13 when he was having severe medical problems. It was possible that he might have to have his leg amputated. As he was in a hospital bed, a boy in a bed next to him said you won’t have to have surgery if you join the Devil’s Club. But once you join, you cannot tell anyone. Not wanting an operation he agreed and joined. At once his leg began healing and his medical problems were corrected.

Those next few years were terrifying. His life was miserable. In desperation, he having had a Christian background had a minster help break his contract with the Devil, similar to the book about Daniel Webster. He accepted Christ as his Savior, which most cannot do, and Jesus set him free because of Jesus’ love. You have to hear all that he went through to realize the miracle that occurred and the difficulty in breaking what seems to be an unbreakable contract.

After reading the number of celebrities, having little talent, yet becoming rich and famous selling their souls to the Devil it made me wonder. If you watched the MTV video music awards you may have wondered what happened to Miley Cyrus? I hope this young star did not get caught up in the belief in what Nicole Scherzinger shared. “To be successful in the music industry you have to sell your soul to the Devil.” Let’s just hope she was misled by adults who were morally out-of-touch.

As a Christian, when you point out about selling one’s soul to the Devil, you are condemned as being paranoid and out of touch. Parents, do you realize what the Devil is trying to do to our children? Is it any wonder that America is becoming morally bankrupt? We must restrict what our children are watching and the games they are playing. I know of young men who a number of years ago got caught up in the game Dungeon and Dragons. It is essentially an invitation into occultism and witchcraft. For Christians, Dungeons and Dragons and many other games, violates the commandment of I Thessalonians 5:22 – “Stay away from every kind of evil.” NLT

You may think that fame, power or wealth is worth giving away your soul. You have a choice as to how much you want out of life and what kind of life you may want. Billions of people will tell you there is no Hell and you will not be in misery throughout all eternity as the Bible says you will. But everything the Devil offers is only temporary. What Christ offers is forever. My experience over the past fifty years is that God has met every one of my needs and then some. I have had a life of love and peace. My children and grandchildren are active in the church and some day we will have a reunion in Heaven. No matter what the Devil has offered it has never compared to what God promised. Besides, I have never had to go to rehab or been arrested as many celebrities have. Do not listen to the world’s greatest deceiver. He is anti-God.

In the gospels, especially Mark, we are told about the number of people who were demon possessed. We may wonder what percent of people are demon possessed today. We hear of murders, torture and extreme abuse and wonder if these abusers could be possessed, yet in many ways they seem normal. You may have seen the movie Poltergeist where objects flew around. Many may not believe in inanimate objects being possessed but we believe they can be. We hear of homes and buildings being haunted. Some go to séances and hear strange voices. The Bible tells us these are off limits to every Christian! Ephesians 6:12 & 16 – “For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms.” Verse 16 – “In addition to all this, take up the shield of faith, with which you can extinguish all the flaming arrows of the evil one.”
My NIV study Bible states: Watch out for Satan when we are suffering or weak, when we are feeling alone, helpless or focused on our troubles that we forget to watch for danger. We are then especially vulnerable to Satan’s attacks. Keep your eyes focused on Jesus and resist the devil.

Peter tells us the Holy Spirit wants to help us and that another spirit, the devil, wants to destroy us. How many of us are aware that thoughts come to us from two differing spirits? How easily can we be deceived when we cannot distinguish between the Holy Spirit and a worldly spirit putting thoughts into our minds?

Do you seriously realize what is happening in our world today? Can you honestly say: The Devil never made me do it? It was my carnal, self-centered nature or was it? Or are you willing to sell your soul for instant gratification and fame, and then face the unintended consequences? Only you will know! But first, consider the price you must pay for eternity if you make a contract with the Devil. Can you not see how the Devil has deceived so many? What are you willing to do or give up to win the lottery? The answer may help you determine where you are spiritually and morally.

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