Why The President Is Pushing Global Warming

Global warming is a way to gain more control over our economy and change from a free market economy so they had to find a way to do away with Capitalism.  Why not use the environment to justify increasing government?  Huge sums of money have been provided that scientists could justify and provide assurances that warming was inevitable.  The problem is our planet has not gotten any warmer over the past fifteen years.

NASA says global warming could “increase the risk for extreme rainfall and drought.”  I wonder what caused all of the droughts and extreme rainfall that occurred in the Old Testament.  Remember the time Joseph went to Egypt and prepared for a seven year drought.  His father Jacob, his brothers and the entire family had to move to Egypt to survive a serious drought.  In 2009 British Prime Minister Gordon Brown stated that climate treaty negotiators had about 50 days to save the world.  President Obama was told he had only four years to save the earth from global warming.

Just how much damage do we want to do to our nation’s economy to cool an earth that is not over heating?  Do we want to make it a law that we can no longer burn coal or use gasoline to drive our cars?  How far do we want to go to eliminate what can be used to generate electricity?  To really get serious we must deny that God has any control over a universe that He created.

I Peter 5:8 – Be alert and of sober mind. Your enemy the devil prowls around like a roaring lion looking for someone to devour.”  Lions attack victims that are alone or not alert.  Be aware, there are some who have made global warming a religion.  Don’t you believe this could be a tactic instigated by Satan?  It isn’t as much about the use of carbon fuels as it is about the insignificance of God and His creation.

When we moved to Las Vegas in 1974 America had the coldest winter in its history in 1978-79.  Our children were being taught in school that we were having a problem with Global cooling.  We could get to the point the U.S. would be so cold that we would have problems producing adequate amounts of food.  I am glad we have been using carbon fuels because I much prefer warm weather to the cold.

The progressives who prefer Socialism to Capitalism decided that to keep people from using carbon fuel, they would just raise the price and people would use less.  The more expensive they make oil and coal the better their chances at lessening the threat to global warming.  Global warming’s threat is keeping us from building a pipe line from Canada that could reduce the price of oil considerably.  There are 27 major reservoirs of oil and natural gas, enough to last 100 years.  My Bible warns me of a number of things we can expect in the end times.  However, no where does it ever refer, telling man that he can destroy the earth because of using the resources God has provided for us to use.  Therefore, as long as we have an administration who passionately believes we are causing global warming, the price of carbon fuels will remain twice the cost that they could be.

Does it sound like man-made CO2 emissions are going to destroy the earth and only a few will survive?  You have a choice: You may believe Bible prophecy that there will be no unusual global warming or believe some scientists who many do not trust the accuracy of the Bible making calculations that they have not, to this point, been able to prove beyond a doubt.

When Christ returns to live on this earth for 1000 years is God going to let man cause global warming prior to His coming?  Since Christ was able to control the weather when He was on the Sea of Galilee don’t you suppose God could stop global warming if it was being caused by man? However, the Bible does say that when we go to a new heaven and a new earth with Christ, after the 1000 years, then this planet will then be destroyed by fire.

So consider that supply has been meeting demands for years.  Improvements due to Fracking and other technology have provided ways to get oil that was once extremely hard to reach at a much lower cost.  With our ability to gain more mileage per gallon in transportation, demand for oil and gasoline is running lower than we had previously expected.  But the prices are only higher because those in Washington, D.C. want them higher.  If the administration chose to, they could make regulations requiring speculators to buy the product once their future contracts expire.  This could reduce the cost of oil immediately.   One reason for higher prices has been a result of those buying options and speculating.

In addition, they could open up public lands in Colorado, Wyoming, Nebraska, Alaska, offshore, and in the gulf to drilling.  We could get this economy growing at a much faster pace.  More jobs would be created and the free market Capitalistic economy would grow exponentially. In addition they need to reduce punitive taxes on business and reduce the enormous regulatory burdens.   But this is just not what the progressive want.  They want those who have the wealth to share it with those who do not want to work or that government is the deity to whom we should turn to for our daily bread.

If you are still unsure about man-made global warming, may I suggest you study the Bible and see if you don’t reach the same conclusion as so many of us have.

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  1. AMEN /////… I knew somebody out there thought like I do… Thank You… Tim


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