Why Are Our Youth Leaving The Church?

I was watching TV and a USC professor was telling his students how racist and stupid, plus other names, Republicans were.   I then read an article stating that many young people, who attended church as children, were now leaving the church.  I questioned whether the reason they were leaving churches was due to what they were being taught in our public schools.  The Internet might give me the answer.

Research stated that 20% of Americans do not identify with any religion and 33% of those 30 and younger are not attached to any religious organization.  There is a large group, and growing, that rarely attend any religious services.  Religion just isn’t important to them.  Pew Research stated that 68% percent of Americans believe in God.  There were 37% polled who feel spiritual but not religious.  Only 21% say they pray every day.

It is believed that 70% of children raised in the church leave between high school and college.  The good news was that possibly 50% returned later in life.  Many blame it on the church and feel it is because they have not adopted the liberal culture changes.  It is true many church leaders are not confronting the liberal education being taught in our public schools.  If our children from grade one through college are being taught evolution and religion is for old people, you can understand why so many stop attending church.  It was noted that 39% of those no longer affiliated with religion were registered as Democrats and 24% are leaning that way.  Approximately 72% approved of abortion as we witness a doctor in Pennsylvania who is alleged to have aborted and killed seven live babies.  It stated that the poll showed 73% supported same-sex-marriages.  One theory as a reason for youth leaving the church was after  listening to liberal teaching for years, it isn’t hard to believe that young people can see the church as too conservative politically and do not want to associate with it.

Regardless of what a pastor or a Bible teacher might say, you can go on the Internet and find someone who says they can prove him wrong.  Access to information provided by atheists is available to destroy whatever Scripture teaches.

Research indicates religion is failing to have sufficient influence on today’s youth.  They are more inclined to listen to teachers proclaiming science is more important than one’s faith and superstition.  If church leaders do not confront the growing secular dominance over our young people, the church may continue to lose our children.

An example as how our children are being changed, a friend sent his conservative daughter to a public university to get an education to become a teacher.  When she graduated and came back, she was so liberal that it is difficult, he says, for them to have a decent conversation.

In a recent blog I reported that a young lady on YouTube had hundreds sign a petition banning dihydrogen monoxide.  Most signed, without asking any question.   Later we were told that dihydrogen monoxide was another name for water.  We have many uninformed people who are willing to accept whatever someone in leadership or a good salesperson tells them.  Evolution does not require morality or discipline.  Religion requires a repentant heart and treating others with kindness.  It is a completely disciplined life-style.

Science gives little hope in what happens once a person dies.  Normally as children we just grow up.  We go through grade school and enter high school.  We get a driver’s license, finish school and possibly get married.  We then start the cycle over again for our children.  How often do we stop and think: what is my purpose in life and what direction should I be taking? Why have I been put on this earth?   When our final day comes we can say we did our best to fulfill our purpose and helped others succeed while we were here.  I know some parents whose greatest achievement in life was raising their family.  Because of them, their children made the world a much better place.  You may find that many are not really too concerned about anyone but themselves and that is the result of evolution and science.  Those not accepting Christianity that I have met seem to be much different from those who believe and worship a God.  We have always believed: as a person thinks in their heart so are they.  If you think about only yourself and what turns you on, you may miss the purpose you could have been.  On your death bed what hope can you take with you?  They say there are no atheists in a fox-hole in time of war.  We need to drill into our children there is a God and parents need to set the example by worshiping Him.  We are facing a liberal media, academia and society intent on indoctrinating our youth that there is no God.  It is all about science and evolution.

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