Is the Devil Causing Americans To Suffer Financially, Needlessly?

A petition was presented to hundreds of people who signed banning dihydrogen monoxide.   They were told this substance is being used everywhere.  You can find it in rivers, lakes and even oceans.  Something needs to be done immediately to rid the earth of this substance.  Some companies are even using it on our fruits and vegetables and the government has done nothing to ban it.

We found that the majority signed without even asking what dihydrogen monoxide was.  We call them joiners.  They will accept what people tell them to do before asking questions.  There are millions of uniformed people who can be easily led astray and some become passionate and activists for a particular cause that they may not even understand.  I believe this is what is happening with global warming.  You see: dihydrogen monoxide is H2O or water.  If someone asked you to sign a petition banning water would you do so?

A number of things have made America one of the most prosperous nations in the world.  It was the invention of modern transportation such as airplanes, cars, etc. in the past 100 years and the creation of technology and the Internet.  Sixty years ago there were no computers, calculators, TV sets or modern medicine to name a few.

We are now sitting on a resource that could change America once again to even greater prosperity.  Millions of jobs could be created that would take people off of unemployment and food stamps.  There would be very few physically able people who could not find work if they wanted. It would affect our economy, the stock market and people would be able to do many of the things that were available to do in the 1990s.  We could leave our young people with a better country than their parents received.

However, the Devil has convinced some that there is going to be man-made global warming that will cause all of the north and south poles ice to melt causing New York and Los Angeles to be under water.  This global warming threat is keeping us from the largest accumulation of oil and natural gas of anywhere in the world.  If our government would open up off shore drilling, in Alaska, through Utah, Colorado, Wyoming and other states we could get gas under $2.00 a gallon.  At the present time the cost of natural gas in America runs about ¼ the cost in Asia.  With our technology and cheap cost of energy plus less transportation costs, there is no one who can produce products for America as cheaply as we could manufacture them.

What if everyone believed that God was in control and the weather depends on the laws of nature?  Can you see the potential prosperity that is possible?  So if you were the Devil and you wanted a Christian nation to fail, how would you do it?  You would find a way to take one of the greatest financial potentials and make sure it would not be used.  So the Devil must find a way to convince people there is no God or God no longer controls what happens on this earth.  He then gets leaders to buy into the concept that we must not take advantage of the resources available because of serious consequences.  Our leaders spread the word and it is easy to convince the uninformed what all of these autos and coal plants are doing to damage our environment.

I John 5:19 – “We know that we are children of God, and that the whole world is under the control of the evil one.”

A leading scientist who had “initiated and predicted” a global warming disaster admits that he was probably wrong.  He now believes that it probably will not occur in the immediate future.  He had claimed that prior to the end of 1999, billions would die and only those living in the Arctic would survive.  He expected by now the heating of the earth would start to become unbearable.  But he noted there has been little change in the past 15 years and no evidence that CO2 emissions will heat the planet.  At least no one has been able to prove it.

What he believed just 25 years ago has not happened.  Therefore, they had to change the fear of global warming to climate change.  However, he stated that there are just too many things that are responsible for climate change or global warming and are not necessarily man-made.  My research did not allow me to determine how many evangelical Christian scientists believe in man-made climate change.  My interest is how many who have studied Revelations believe any of this is going to happen?  Could Christ come back to rule for 1000 years if the earth was too hot to survive?  Do we have a God Who, when creating the earth believed that what He made, man could destroy?  If that was the case why did He provide so much coal and oil reserves?  Would He not have given us other means to provide power if man could destroy what He created?

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