Is Polygamy Coming To Las Vegas?

There are two cultures in Las Vegas.  Christianity is probably increasing as rapidly as any city in America.  There is also a reason it is called Sin City.  The local papers are writing about the legislators who are working on sentencing pimps and those bringing 12 to 14 year old girls into prostitution.  Apparently there is a large sex-slave trade in our city.

It appears we are seeing more families practicing polygamy moving to Las Vegas.  I read where Kody Brown and his four wives, the stars of TLC’s Sister Wives told a group at UNLV that plural marriage was a healthy and happy choice.  The Brown’s come from Utah, where there are thousands of polygamy families, to Las Vegas because of its diversity and acceptance.   A UNLV assistant professor said: “We believe it is a community value to welcome diversity in all its forms.”

Recently I read of another family moving to Las Vegas.  This is a family with three wives and approximately 14 children.  I read where a number of families practicing polygamy have moved to Mesquite, NV. Another article interviewed a young lady that left a polygamy cult in Utah because older men were marrying 14 and 15 year old girls and they were being abused.

Here is what concerns me.  As a nation, we seem to be accepting anything the Bible and God is against.  We see more and more rebelling against God and complete defiance of His ways.  I realize what went on in the Old Testament.  However, Christ came with a new covenant and a gospel that explains how God expected people to live.

During the apostle John’s time, the author of Revelation, it was believed by the people that Satan’s throne actually existed in Pergamum and it seems Christ is confirming this belief.  The city was surrounded by a society that was non-Christian and its values, standards and lack of morals permeated the population.  Satan can be in only one place and in Revelation we are told he can be in a human body.  But he has an efficient organization of millions of fallen angels and demons that are against Christianity and the world. They are everywhere and they are super active.

Las Vegas, like Pergamum, can be the most difficult place for a Christian to live because of the tremendous Satanic and sinful influences.  Las Vegas, as in Pergamum, many Christians have stayed true and faithful to the teachings of Christ.  However, in Las Vegas like Pergamum, believers can be easily deceived.  Some Christians believe they can co-exist with the world and believe that living as the world does is acceptable to God.

For a republic to work as the U.S. is, it requires a nation with morals.  Look at Mexico!  If they were established on Christian principles, had our constitution, our legal system and our form of Government would they have similar results?  They don’t and millions have fled in order to feed their families.   In fact, we have put up fences and patrol our borders to keep them out.  Could they at this time establish our form of government?  No!  They are not a Christian nation or a generally moral nation as most countries are not.

What has always made the United States different?  The foundation of our country was created on Christian principles—to love God and love our neighbor.  Sure, many no longer live by Christian principles but it is our constitution, our form of government and the average American’s acceptance, realizing the necessity to conform to Bible principles in order to live in the greatest nation in the world.   Though corruption exists there are enough honest, hardworking men and women with the integrity to be productive within the system.

What would happen if the average American were to no longer be guided by Christian beliefs?  We would lose our freedom and rely on the government to meet our needs.  We would become very much like many of the European nations.  Does it sound familiar?

If we continue to believe that Nevada needs to be more diversified, accept anything, such as same-sex marriage, polygamy and other forms of sexual orientation that the Bible prohibits, what will happen to our country?  History tells us there is little chance of surviving as a superpower.  Should we not be concerned with what is happening in our city and state?  Do we just let whatever happens, happen?  Is it time we start letting our legislators know that we need to be more restrictive as to how diversified we become.

Here is what I want you to consider from what I am hearing.  There is an activist group that will be using the same tactics that gays, lesbians and the same-sex marriage group used to become acceptable.  Their promotion will be making polygamy a way of life.  The best time to oppose is before they start getting this life-style acceptable.  Think it can’t happen?  Look how many Americans have accepted immoral behavior, according to Scripture, the past 50 years.

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  2. I think you have noted some very interesting details , thankyou for the post.


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