Why I Believe In The Accuracy Of The Bible

You must have more faith than I have to believe in evolution.  To consider that a “Big Bang” occurred and everything began evolving.  The human body with its millions of cells, animals of all kinds, the numerous birds and the fish in the sea all just happened, randomly.    

It is not difficult for me to believe in a God that created everything and then inspired men, by His Spirit, to write and tell us how it was done.  They begin the Bible by stating that God created the heavens, the earth and all that is in them from nothing.  He did it all in six days.  The Bible does not indicate that there were twenty-four hour days.  II Peter 3:8 – “But do not forget this one thing, dear friends: With the Lord a day is like a thousand years, and a thousand years are like a day.”

When man was created he was given a body that would not die.  The earth had not been cursed and there was a mild climate.  It did not rain and everything was irrigated from underground watering systems.  There were no storms.  People and animals had different diets and were vegetarians.  As I read Scripture it appears that humanity will go through a complete cycle and some day the new heaven and new earth will be as God had originally created the first earth.  God will allow man to begin life as He first created, with immortal bodies and life forever, knowing the price of sin and what it can cause.   There will be no death, pain or sorrow in eternity for those having accepted Christ as their Savior.   

Because of Adam and Eve’s rebellion the earth became cursed, man became corrupt and violence was so out of control that God sent a mighty flood to destroy the out-of-control humanity.  We have discovered fossils buried in rock layers proving that this actually happened. 

Through Noah and his family God allowed the human race to live and multiply again.  The earth again became filled with violence, corruption, unhealthy situations and fear of death.  All was a result of man’s continual sin and rebellion.  God knew that the only way man could change was to send His Son who would die and be resurrected for our sins.  Through our belief in Christ we can be forgiven and can receive the Spirit of God Who will allow us to develop the “mind of Christ”.  Hopefully, through Christ’s teaching and the Holy Spirit’s guidance, we can live the way God originally intended.  That is to love God with all of our being and others as ourselves.  This is the way it will be when Christ comes to rule for a thousand years and then on the new earth and the new heaven for all eternity.

The Bible tells me that God knows everything, can create anything and everything runs according to the laws He has put in place.  It amazes me to know the number of Christians who do not believe the Bible is the infallible word of God who knows everything.  Bill O’Reilly, of Fox News, a Christian does not believe Jonah was swallowed by a huge fish that God created as well as other such stories.  If God can create the world out of nothing, can He not create a fish that would allow a man to stay alive for three days inside that fish?  Why is that so hard to believe?

At this point I must ask:  “Is it easier to believe in evolution, a religion, created by men or the Bible inspired by an omnipotent God?”  If you chose evolution then we can never really be sure about anything.  What is truth?  Does evolution provide predictions of the future as Bible prophecy does?  What about the story of Abraham and the Israelites and all that was foretold then has happened?  What are the chances that my body and my mind came from a random process; what are the odds? 

Christ made us aware that God wanted man to accept Him by faith and not by signs and miracles.  If God was so apparent, man would have little choice.  For man to have free moral agency that allows him to make choices of right or wrong, requires faith.  Otherwise God could have created robots that would do everything they were told to do.  However, God has given us enough evidence to overcome any doubt that we might have, as to whether we can believe He is who He says He is.   

 There are a number of scientists that believe they can prove the Bible is wrong.  They believe they have carbon dating and techniques that prove the earth has been in existence for 4.5 billion years.  Is it possible that their assumptions and techniques are correct and the Bible is wrong—only if you do not want to trust the infallible Word of God? 

However, I know that scientists have difficulty proving the past.  No matter what some scientists will tell us, there are Christian scientists that can prove their theories wrong.  The same is true as to whether global warming or climate change is man-made or following God’s laws.  I believe if they were man-made, the Bible would have forewarned us to be careful in using carbon fuels.  Therefore, I accept what the Bible tells me as God inspired and not what some men believe that they know better and that God does not exists and the Bible is just the dream of different men.   

But we Christians have a God that will allow us to believe and think whatever we so desire.  But there is a price. If you believe the remote possibility that the Bible is not factual, then there will be a Day of Judgment when we will know for sure what we should have believed.  It will be too late then to change your mind if you have made the wrong choice and believed in evolution.

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